7 Myths and Facts About C-Section

7 Myths and Facts About C-Section

Myths and Facts About C-Section: The practice of C-section delivery is increasing day by day. According to a survey, women nowadays prefer C-section in 20 to 25 percent of cases. A C-section is a procedure in which the baby is taken out through an incision in the abdomen. For this an injection is given to the pregnant woman to make her unconscious.

A pregnant woman worries before delivery that she may not have a C-section delivery because many myths or rumors are spread about C-section. Before giving birth, a pregnant woman should take care not to believe in any rumor as every woman’s experience is different. Know 7 myths about C-section and facts that are important for you to know.

7 Myths and Facts About C-Section

1. C-section does not cause pain

One of the myths or rumors spread about C-section is that C-section does not cause pain which is absolutely wrong. The truth is that during a C-section delivery, the woman is sedated. Anesthesia is given for sedation.


The effect of anesthesia is so much that at that time the woman does not feel any kind of pain, but when its effect subsides then the pain starts. Usually, after about 12 hours of delivery, the woman starts having more pain and sometimes this pain increases very much. That’s why it is very wrong to assume that there is no pain during a C-section delivery.

2. C-section is not a good option for the health of the baby and the mother

C-section is believed to be not a good option for the health of the baby and the mother. The truth is that a C-section does not affect the health of the woman or the baby. C-sections have to be done because of complications in the health of the baby and the mother, but both before and after the mother and the baby remain healthy.

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3. Can not be normal delivery after C-section

It is said that a woman who has had a C-section once has to undergo a C-section delivery every time, but the effect of C-section does not affect future deliveries. If your first delivery was by C-section, then the second delivery can also be normal.

Remember, a C-section delivery is needed only in an emergency. C-section also does not mean that the woman cannot get pregnant again, just that after C-section, the mother should take special care of herself, otherwise there may be side effects.

4. It is difficult to breastfeed after C-section

After a C-section, the mother may initially have some difficulty in breastfeeding the baby, but the mother can comfortably breastfeed her baby after that. Initially, the mother can do this work with the help of someone, but after that she can breastfeed the baby by sitting or lying down in her comfortable position.

5. There is no bleeding from the female’s vagina after C-section

It is a very common belief that a woman does not have vaginal bleeding after a C-section because the baby is not born vaginally. In a C-section, the baby is removed through surgery and the amount of blood that comes out during this time is about three times more than the blood that comes out in a normal delivery.

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In such a situation, there is weakness in the body of the woman after C-section. But it is not correct to believe that a woman does not have vaginal bleeding after a C-section. In fact, the cause of bleeding from the vagina of a woman after childbirth is the uterus.

After delivery, the uterus is trying to return to its normal size after separating from the placenta and shrinking to its first size. In such a situation, whether the delivery is normal or C-section, there is bleeding from the woman’s vagina in both cases.

6. After C-section, the woman has to rest long

It is said that after C-section, it is difficult for a woman to get up, sit and walk. But it’s not quite right. Yes, women do have problems for a few days after a C-section. However it should not be done. After C-section delivery, moving is very important to keep the body active.

It takes more time to recover after delivery but every problem will be solved by taking precaution. The first few days must be rest and heavy work should not be done.

7. No emotional connection with baby

It is also believed that a normal delivery strengthens the emotional and physical bond between mother and baby than a C-section, but this is not true. The child who is born through C-section (Caesarean Section Delivery) also has an equally lovely relationship with his mother.

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There is also a myth that a C-section does not allow a mother to feel the skin-to-skin connection of her baby which is the best part of motherhood. It is felt by the mother holding the newly born baby on her chest. This procedure provides many emotional and physical benefits to the mother and the baby. The truth is that even after a C-section, a mother can come closer to her baby through this procedure. Although in the beginning he should take someone’s help.

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Don’t worry so much about a C-section. We should stay away from the myths of C section. Mothers who go through this procedure can also do all that mothers going through a normal delivery, the only difference is that after a C-section, the woman has to take special care of herself.