10 Myths About Hair You Need to Stop Believing

10 Myths About Hair You Need to Stop Believing

Hair is our crown and we always carry them. Because of this, strong, shiny hair is the dream of all women. Because of this, there are many myths about hair in the market or among the people, which people blindly trust. Because of this, we are here to tell you about 10 myths related to hair.

Dandruff Control with Hair oil

Actually, dandruff is caused by a fungus named Malagia. It is a natural resident of fungus that lives on the scalp and survives on the oil. This oil can be your natural oil secretion or it can be applied to the hair. This fungus lives on the scalp and due to this the scalp becomes white and flaky which is called dandruff. Because of this, applying oil does not reduce dandruff but increases it. Also, dandruff can only be controlled, there is no permanent cure for it.


Applying Hair oil will reduce Hair fall

Good Champi massage is a part of the Indian culture, which has deep roots. However, applying oil does not directly affect hair health or hair loss. Actually, applying oil increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, which releases tension. Along with this, it also acts as a conditioner because applying oil reduces fizziness and fizziness in the hair.

Absolutely no Hair Fall is Normal

Many times people complain that their hair falls a lot but it is normal to have some hair fall (Myths About Hair). Hair is made up of an ever-growing keratin tissue. At the same time, our nails are also made of this tissue and because of this, hair grows, breaks and grows again like nails. You lose 10 to 100 hairs in a day and this is absolutely normal.


Only Biotin Vitamin is Necessary for Hair

We often give excessive importance to biotin. It is also known as Vitamin H but biotin alone does not make your hair strong. Our body needs 118 nutrients in 24 hours and hair is no different. What works for hair is cyclic vitamin therapy. With this, the hair gets vitamins and minerals in a cyclic manner. This makes hair grow.

Wash Hair with Cold water Makes Hair Shiny

Hair shines when light reflects on it. If your hair is smooth, it will shine when it is light, and the reason for this is the hair cuticles. Cuticles are a shiny coating around the hair, but if they get damaged, your hair looks frizzy. There is no relation of cuticles with cold water and because of this, washing hair with cold water does not make hair shiny.


Hair Grows Faster with Regular Trimming

You must have always heard from the hair dresser or from the mouth of people that hair trimming makes hair grow faster but this is the biggest myth. Hair always grows 0.35mm a day, depending on your genetics, ethnicity and racial factor. Trimming your hair can lead to damage and frizzy parts of your hair or split ends.

Hair Coloring leads to White Hair

Most of you might be dyeing your hair to hide your gray hair and when you haven’t had a root touch-up, you will see a lot of white hair at the bottom and you can blame your hair dye for this. Would have believed. However, this is not true. Gray hair can be caused by genetics, aging, exposure to sunlight or stress. It has nothing to do with dyeing the hair or removing the hair.

Dandruff Means Dry Scalp

Actually, dandruff occurs on oily scalp because the fungus gets activated due to oil and because of this you have a flaky scalp on your scalp. Dry scalp is caused by dryness and is characterized by itching in the scalp. However, people often confuse dry scalp with dandruff and itching is a common symptom. Also there is a difference between the two as well. If you itch immediately after applying shampoo, then your scalp is dry. On the other hand, if you have itchy hair for 2-3 days after shampooing, then it means that you have dandruff on your scalp.

Towel Drawing is Better Than Blow-Drawing

Blow drawing is considered harmful for the hair as it damages the hair due to the high temperature. However, if you do not dry the hair properly with a towel, then it also causes hair damage. If you repeatedly rub the towel in the head, it leads to frizzy hair and in such a situation it is better that you wrap your hair with a towel and let them dry. If you want, you can also sleep with your head on your head with a silk cover to reduce the friction.

Can Split Ends be Treated

Hair dusting is a salon-based procedure that removes split ends (Myths About Hair). However, there is only one way to get rid of split ends and that is to cut them off. This is due to friction, high temperature, aging and genetics.

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