Do and Dont’s During Last Month of Pregnancy

Do and Dont’s During Last Month of Pregnancy

While becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling for a woman, it is full of challenges from conception to childbirth and beyond. Although a pregnant woman should take care of herself for the whole 9 months, whether it is physical or mental or related to food, but as soon as the ninth month starts, the pregnant woman needs to take more care of herself. In this month, her baby prepares to leave the mother’s womb and come to this world. Today we will tell you about all these things that you should and should not do in the last stage of your pregnancy (Do and Dont’s During Last Month of Pregnancy).

Do and Dont’s During Last Month of Pregnancy

1. Proper care on movement

When the eighth month of pregnancy is completed, the baby starts walking in the mother’s womb, due to which you need to take more precautions. In the ninth month, its kicking increases, due to which you start feeling slight pain in the stomach. Therefore, in this month, you have to pay full attention not only to food and drink, but also to sit up and sit because during this time the weight of the child increases rapidly. If you make any mistake in getting up at this time, it can be heavy for your baby.

2. Take special care of your diet

During pregnancy, you should take special care in the last month. At this time instead of eating your food three times a day, you should divide it into 6 times. During this, you should take such foods which are high in calcium such as low fat milk dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables etc. You should also consume adequate amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals. During this, you should take foods like brown rice, roti, green vegetables, milk, etc. You should take a balanced nutritious and healthy diet.

3. Do exercise

During this, you should do light exercises. For this, you must consult your doctor and know what exercises you can do for successful delivery in the last month. Like class muscles or only pranayama can also do. This exercise will help strengthen your hamstring muscles and keep blood flow smooth in the groin and rectum. By doing pranayama, your mind will be calm and you will also avoid being a victim of stress.

4. Do morning walk

At this time you should walk in the morning and evening. If you want, after having dinner in the evening, go for a walk every day, which is very important for you. By taking a few walks daily, the flow of blood in your body remains correct and unnecessary calories are also eliminated.

5. Do rest and don’t take stress

You should take complete rest in the last month of your pregnancy. At this time, do not let there be any shortage in your rest and do not let the body get tired too much. Also, do not let any kind of stress dominate you. During this, naturally you will have both happiness and nervousness of the arrival of your baby as well as pressure from family members, but the most important thing is that you do not take any stress because these are the most important things for your successful delivery. If you want, you can take the help of yoga and pranayama for this.

6. Do little work

In the last phase of pregnancy, you need complete rest, but that does not mean that you should not do anything. During this time you can do some minor work like sewing machine work, cutting vegetables etc. In the ninth month, you can also do light cleaning of the house. If you sweep, it will relax the muscles and bones of your back and reed. But don’t bow down too much.

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7. Use Indian Toilet

In the ninth month you should use the Indian toilet. It gives you the posture of squat which will prove beneficial for you at the time of delivery. If you do not have Indian toilets in your house, then you can practice sitting in the posture of toilet at some other time.

8. Make pregnancy kit

As soon as the ninth month starts, you should prepare a bag and keep it. In it you should keep the clothes of you and your future baby. Do not keep new clothes for the baby at all as new clothes can cause rashes on the soft skin of the baby. In the bag, keep the necessary items ready by putting a medicated soap, cream, tooth brush, toothpaste, a cotton packet, a clean sheet, diaper, clean towel etc.

9. Don’t eat cold things

After the beginning of the ninth month, you should not eat cold things kept in the fridge or cold things. Doing so may cause problems with your delivery.

10. Other Important things

If you live alone, then save the number of the person at the top of the mobile who can reach you the fastest. Apart from this, keep the number of your close ones, ambulance and your doctor in a diary so that you do not face any problem when the time comes. Apart from this, even if you do not have any pain or discomfort on the day of delivery, then definitely show it to the doctor so that you do not have any problem later. If you have fever or high or low blood pressure at the last moment of pregnancy, do not delay in going to the doctor.

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