Placing Money Plant at Home Vastu Tips

Placing Money Plant at Home Vastu Tips

Money plant is the most favorite plant in today’s time which you see in every house. It is believed that planting a money plant tree improves the economic condition of the house. At the same time, where the money plant is installed, there are four moons at that place of the house. Money plant is considered very good for health as well as enhancing the beauty of the house. It helps in keeping the environment clean. Now, even after having so many features, it is necessary to take care of some things at the time of setting up a money plant, otherwise its negative effect is also seen. know Placing Money Plant at Home Vastu Tips.

Placing Money Plant at Home Vastu Tips

According to Vastu Shastra, money plant attracts positive energy along with luck, wealth and prosperity which makes it more auspicious as an indoor plant. But there are some rules for installing money plant in the house which should not be ignored. Because money plant is related to money and financial condition of the house. That is why any kind of neglect can give wrong results. So let’s know by following which rules you can plant money plant at home and which mistakes should be avoided.

It is considered most appropriate to plant money plant in the fire direction of the house. Because this is the direction from which positive energy flows in the house and money plant gets benefited by putting money plant here.

– Money plant should never be planted in a yellow or red vase or bottle, because of this there is a possibility of loss of money.

– According to Vastu experts, money plant should be planted in a blue colored bottle, it is very auspicious for the house.

– If you are keeping the money plant in the south-east direction, then avoid keeping it in a pot of water and instead plant it in the soil and use a brown pot.

– According to Vastu, while giving water to the money plant, mix some milk in the water. By doing this the financial condition can improve.

– If you are putting money plant in the bedroom, then keep it at least 5 to 6 feet away from the bed. The same rule applies to the table in the drawing room as well.

– It is considered very auspicious to place a money plant outside the house. With this, the blessings of good luck and wealth always remain in the house.

– Money plant should not be watered on Sundays. On the other hand, if its leaves dry up, then remove it from there immediately.

– Money plant should never be kept in the North East direction. Doing so can have a negative effect on health.

– Apart from this, money plant should never be placed in the East or West direction of the house.

– Because putting it here, along with mental stress, sourness also arises in relationships.

– Also, keep in mind that the leaves of the money plant should not touch the ground.

– Because the leaves touching the ground can bring obstacles in happiness and prosperity. It should always be tied upwards.

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