Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Women Should keep in Mind During Menstruation

Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Women Should keep in Mind During Menstruation

Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Awareness about menstruation has increased everywhere these days, and things are much better than before. But nowadays, in our everyday life-style, many times knowing everything, we ignore some such things which become a cause of trouble in the future.

Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Women Should keep in Mind during Menstruation

Headaches, cramps, mood swings, cravings, etc. are the main causes of menstrual problems. Despite all this, women pay less attention to what to eat, what not or how to take care of themselves during menstruation and forget that by keeping these small things in mind, you can plan your menstrual days. You can also make it pleasant and easy like other days. So let’s know some things that should always be kept in mind during menstruation.

Keep Track of Menstrual Cycle

Just like you take care of diet or calories, keep track of menstrual cycle too. With this, you can be alerted at any time of any abnormality in menstruation and can take action at the right time. Do not ignore the continuous abnormality of menstruation, if there are frequent changes in your routine cycle, then definitely contact the doctor.

To keep track of menstruation, you can make some kind of calendar or download applications etc. in the phone and keep track of it easily.

Consult a Doctor Before Taking Medicine for Cramps

It is normal to have abdominal pain during menstruation, but in case of increasing pain, do not take any kind of home remedies or any medicine voluntarily. Because it is not necessary that the same medicine should work on everyone. Take any kind of medicine only after proper examination by the doctor.

Take Care of Hygiene

During menstruation, there is a need to take care of personal hygiene more than normal days, otherwise it becomes the cause of many diseases like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Dermatitis (Dermatitis – reddening of the skin), Rashes etc.

Some important things to keep in mind during menstruation.

  • Change the sanitary pad every 3 to 4 hours, otherwise there is a risk of vaginal infection.
  • Clean your genitals/vagina with lukewarm water and do not use any soap or vaginal cleaning products to clean the vagina from the inside.
  • Do not use any kind of spray on genitals during menstruation. By maintaining proper hygiene, you yourself can avoid the mild smell that comes during periods.
  • Do not ignore any kind of rash. Use antiseptic medicine or medicated powder on it. Also, do not hesitate to go to the doctor in case the rash gets aggravated.
  • If possible, replace your regular toilet paper with wet wipes to prevent rashes. In this way, by keeping some small things in mind, you can protect yourself from infection during menstruation.


Many times we get to hear that during menstruation, avoid exercising or doing any kind of physical activity. But it is not so, during menstruation, light exercise, yoga or brisk walk etc. is very useful to give relief in back pain, body pain, cramps or stomach pain.

Diet CareĀ 

Eating during menstruation is also an important issue, at this time a balanced diet can save you from many problems like mood swings, bloating, cramps etc. Avoid certain things, such as too much coffee, or eating junk food. Also, eat foods rich in vitamins and iron, as well as include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Apart from all this, do not ignore any unusual signs during menstruation and contact the doctor immediately, such as-

  • Heavy bleeding, or very little bleeding.
  • Excessive body pain or abdominal pain, or severe weakness during menstruation.
  • Menstrual irregularity.
  • Light bleeding (spots) before the start of menstruation etc.

By paying attention to all these things at the right time, you can avoid many diseases. And can make these days of the month easy and comfortable.

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