Mathematical Reasoning: Definition, Format, and Types

Mathematical Reasoning: Definition, Format, and Types

Mathematical Reasoning: Often we feel that there is a general inclination of the students towards the jobs related to public sector, but the other aspect of this is also that in the last many years there has been a lot of change in the level of competitive examinations. In almost all the competitive exams, more importance is given to general subject, math’s as well as reasoning questions.

Many times such questions are given place in the competitive examination to test the timeliness of the students and their ability to do more and correct work in less time. But such logical questions also come under the subject of mathematics, which has been added under the syllabus of most prestigious and important examinations.

If you are also interested to know this subject and want to get the right information about it, then through this article it will be our endeavor to introduce you to almost all the aspects of logical questions related to mathematics.

What is Mathematical Reasoning

Mainly, all of us have taught basic mathematics subject in school till class 10th, which includes algebra, geometry, multiplication, addition/matching, subtraction, division etc. But the method which is used to put this basic mathematics into actual use, we can call it rational mathematics.

In other words, with the help of concepts related to basic mathematics, the process of solving logical, puzzle questions can also be called logic mathematics.

Although we get to see different types in mathematics, but when it comes to the questions of mathematics related to logic, then what are its main types, we will try to explain the information related to this subject in further detail.

Main Types of Mathematical Reasoning

There are mainly two main types of logic mathematics, which include the following two types, such as:

1. Inductive Reasoning:

Mathematical questions related to this type of reasoning are based only on observation, which have nothing to do with any kind of hypothesis. Here most of the times you have to look at the situation asked in the question and find the solution by the relevant reasoning. Inductive reasoning question is not related to geometry.

2. Deductive Reasoning:

In this type of mathematical reasoning questions, you have to use hypothesis most of the times, in which observation is not of much importance. Deductive reasoning questions include questions related to geometry, for which mathematical hypotheses are used to find solutions.

Main Topics of Mathematical Reasoning

Here we will introduce you to the main types involved in logic mathematics, which include the following major subject types, such as:

  • Sets
  • Logic
  • Rational Number
  • Introduction of Number Theory
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Relation and Functions
  • Combinatorics
  • Sets – Type II

Format of Mathematical Reasoning Questions

Here we will mainly know what are the major terms included in the questions related to logic mathematics, such as:


Here it becomes necessary to know that there are three main types of statements in a question related to mathematical reasoning, in which 1. Simple Statement 2. Compound Statement 3.  Contains statements related to if-then statement.


Here, a logical analysis of the things related to the statement is given in easy language or we can also call it a conclusion. You mainly have to choose the correct answer from the options related to the given answer with the help of this logic.

Important Tips Related with Math Reasoning Questions

  • One main thing you have to keep in mind here is that the math’s questions related to reasoning will test your thinking ability, estimating power, number counting speed and your accuracy in basic mathematical methods it occurs (Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction).
  • Try to solve mathematical problems related to various reasoning extensively, for this, written practice is primarily required. To solve questions related to multiplication, division, memorize or memorize at least 20 number tables/reads well. Because of these things, it will help you to find the solution of the question at speed.
  • There are some mathematical formulas with the help of which you can complete the square, volume, division, multiplication etc. of numbers in a short time. So essentially start using all these formulas. For this you can also take help of Vedic math’s.
  • Many times in logic math questions, numbers are given in parentheses or mathematical equations have been given, which should first be practiced in easy format. Later, you get help to solve it easily in less time, which is also part of the process of finding the right answer.
  • Try to solve mathematical problems related to numerator, denominator, transversal multiplication, greatest common factor, least common factor, average, percentage, time, speed, work etc. Because such questions take more time to solve, in which you have to avoid wasting much time. Here with the help of some basic formulas, you should be more focused on solving such questions in less time.
  • Understand rational number, irrational number, natural number, integer number, root number, etc. number system properly, which will benefit you from more in logic mathematics.

In this way, we have given you information on almost all the important aspects of logic mathematics, which you have to understand properly and practice it more.

We believe that you will definitely get success in this, if you like the article, then definitely share this important information with your friends, family members etc. Many thanks for staying connected with us.

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Quiz on Mathematical Reasoning

Q1. Do mathematical formulas exist to solve the problems of logic mathematics?

Ans: You have to understand here mainly that the questions related to reasoning are based on different mathematical types. Out of which basically you get formulas for questions related to time, work, square, volume, division, average, percentage, multiplication, parenthesis number, number method, equation. But most of the times it is mandatory for you to use your timeliness and estimating power.

Q2. What are the basic things required to solve the problem of logic math’s?

Ans: Assessment ability, evaluation, coincidence/collection, summing up thinking power, intelligence readiness, artistic thinking style, speed in work and the ability to make judicious decisions, etc.

Q3. Are riddles asked in logic math’s?

Ans: Yes, many times such questions are asked.

Q4. What are the two main types of logic mathematics?

Ans: Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning

Q5. Is it necessary to have knowledge of number method and number reading in logic mathematics?

Ans: Yes.

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