What Should be in a Maternity Bag Before Delivery

What Should be in a Maternity Bag Before Delivery

Do you know what items you need to pack at the time of delivery? In answer to this question, many people say that it is delivery, no one is going on a picnic to pack a big bag. But keep in mind that if you do not pack your maternity bag properly before delivery, then it can cause a big problem.

What should be in a maternity bag before delivery?

It is not necessary that the hospital where you want to deliver is near home, so you or whoever has come with you for help will not want to run home or market again and again. Therefore, some important things that should be in the maternity bag are as follows.


You can divide the contents of the bag into three parts. It is necessary to have some essential items for you, your partner and the upcoming child. Some things that should be in a maternity bag:

15 Things Every Maternity Bag Should Have

  1. ID card
  2. flipper or slippers
  3. Pillow, bed sheet (by the way it happens in hospital)
  4. water heating thermos
  5. Towel (clean and washed)
  6. Gown and nightie (two to four)
  7. wipes for baby
  8. phone and charger
  9. hand sanitizer
  10. Baby feeding bottle (emergency only)
  11. Baby blanket (new and washed)
  12. brush and toothpaste
  13. Dettol bottle
  14. Insurance card or hospital card
  15. a book or something that relaxes you

What to Pack in a Maternity Bag (Hospital Bag Checklist)

Although many times how the delivery is to be done, it depends on the situation at that time, but most doctors tell in advance whether their delivery will be normal or by C-section. If you also know in advance that you are going to have a C-section delivery, then in preparation for the birth of the baby, you can prepare the delivery bag in advance.


Let us tell you that after a C-section delivery, you have to stay in the hospital for four to five days, or sometimes for seven days, in such a situation it is better to make a list and pack things in the bag than to run for things again and again.

  • Keep your phone, its charger, as well as all the necessary numbers in a small diary with you, so that you can call people when you need them.
  • Keep your ID proof, driving license etc. with you, apart from this, pack all the papers related to the hospital carefully in your bag so that you do not have to worry about them later.
  • If you do not want to use the clothes provided by the hospital, then keep a comfortable gown and nightie etc. Also, pack a nursing bra in your bag so that you can be at ease while feeding the baby later.
  • Don’t forget to bring your personal belongings like toothbrush, lip balm, comb, hairband, etc. All these things are small but without them you can get into a lot of trouble.
    Lay down, so you don’t get bored, take some things with you that will keep you relaxed, like books etc.
  • Make sure to pack light snacks for yourself that are right according to your health, and so that you do not fear any kind of problem at this time.

What to pack in a maternity bag for your partner

Along with you, pack some things for your partner or whoever is going to stay in the hospital with you, like:

  • If your partner is going to be with you full time, then keep the camera, video camera, battery, charger and memory card along with the accessories for them.
  • Get comfortable shoes and clothes that make them feel comfortable. Pack clothes according to the number of days you want to stay in the hospital.
  • Pack snacks of her choice and she can keep some books to read so that she does not get bored throughout the day.
  • Staying in the hospital all day is quite a hectic job. In such a situation, do not forget to keep some massage oil and pain killers for your partner. Because they will be fine only then they will be able to handle everything well in this situation.

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Important things for a newborn baby

  • You want to pack comfortable clothes the first time your child wears the clothes of your choosing. Keep in mind that there is a zip in front of the clothes so that there is no problem in changing diapers etc.
  • Keep a pack of small size diapers. So that you do not have to run here and there for them.
  • Carrying a small bottle of milk is a must.
  • You must pack a small thin mattress and blanket for the new born baby.
  • Sometimes, even after having a baby, a woman is advised to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days, then Vaseline, baby powder, bomb cream and baby oil can also be packed in the luggage for the newborn. Carry disposable baby wipes and a small soft towel along with it.

Keeping all these tips in mind when you pack your maternity bag, you will be very relaxed and completely worry free at the time of delivery.

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