Mata Durga Names For Baby Girl List

Mata Durga Names For Baby Girl List

List of Mata Durga Names For Baby Girl: Goddess Durga was created by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and lesser gods to slay the demon Mahishasura. The power of Goddess Durga is the power to destroy evil and bring good in our lives. While we do not see any men helping Durga, they are shown to be able to use their powers. There are many meanings hidden behind the name of Goddess Durga. If a daughter is born in your house during Navratri or if a daughter is born in your friend’s house, then you will definitely like these names of Maa Durga. Learn the meaning of these girls’ names.

List of Mata Durga Names For Baby Girl

Goddess Durga has many forms and also many names. We have got these unique girl names based on Goddess Durga names for you and that too with their meaning. You can name the child by choosing any of these names according to his zodiac sign.


Anika Devi has a very talented form. Anika name meanings is Goddess Durga, Stone idol and Beautiful girl.


Durga’s glorified name is Taushani. The meaning of this name is Satisfying, appeasing and pleasing in character.


Durga is recognized in her fierce form, which is known as Chandika. Bhairavi is a form of Goddess Kali. Which shows the character of a powerful, slayer of evil and always victorious girl.


The meaning of name Divisha is “goddess durga”. Qualities like mild nature, soluble, cheerful, affectionate are found in such a person.


The name Kaushiki is synonymous with Goddess Durga and also means the woman who wears silk. Kaushiki is a unique name and can definitely prove to be a blessing for your daughter in some way.


Vaishnavi name meaning refers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu. The name Vaishnavi is considered very auspicious for Hinduism because it is the name of Mother Adishakti. Apart from being a fashionable name, it also has mythological significance.


One name of Lord Vishnu is Narayan and his wife is Lakshmi Narayani. The person who has the smell of Narayan in his lungs is called Narayani. This name is related to Durga.


It means chief of the gods or wife of Indra. Apart from this, Indrani also means a form of Durga.


Durga is the female power who gave birth to the world. Bhavini name meanings is A form of Durga. The name also means beauty and soulful. This name of Durga is very unique and yet not common.


The meaning of name Varahi is “one who rides on the boar, a group of seven or eight mother goddesses in Hinduism”. Maa Varahi was also the commander of Maa Durga’s army during the war with the Asuras.


There is also Gautami, a form of Maa Durga, who is supposed to dispel darkness. Along with this, Godavari river also has a name Gautami.


Nitya is a Sanskrit name meaning eternal or forever. Durga means eternal in this world. So you can also name that girl as Nitya.


Maa Durga is also known as Vamika. The meaning of this name is Combination of lord shiva and pavarti. It is considered a symbol of a true and holy image.


In Hindu mythology, the name Nandini is the name of Goddess Ganga and Goddess Durga. Along with this, Nandini’s name is also sacred.


The Kamakhya form of Goddess Durga is related to the name Kamakshi. It also means one whose eyes are full of desire.


A woman who believes in reality. The meaning of this name is a woman who feels and thinks about everything and it is one of the names of Durga.


Shambhavi is a name that represents a highly charged personality who attracts powerful ideas.

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