Massage During Pregnancy: Foot and Back Massage in Pregnancy

Massage During Pregnancy: Foot and Back Massage in Pregnancy

Getting a massage during pregnancy is very beneficial. Massaging reduces the stress level of pregnant women and also increases their blood circulation. Due to this, the swelling caused by pregnant women is also reduced. Some massage experts believe that during this massage should be done after 12 weeks. Massage also shortens the delivery time.

Massage increases the flow of blood throughout our body. Massage is very beneficial for our health. Due to this the stomach remains clean and the digestive power remains fine. Apart from this, by massaging the body’s cells come out of the body and in their place new cells are formed, which fills the whole body with new energy.


What is Massage?

Many people believe that by applying oil on any part of the body, then it becomes a massage, but it is not so. If we do massage by understanding the science of massage well and following its rules, then only it gets its full benefit. When we get massage from another person, the power and heat of that person’s body reaches our body. Massage should be done only by a specialist.

With which oil should I Massage?

1. Mustard oil


Mustard oil is considered the best for massaging. To get good benefits from them, put them in a vial and close them and keep them in sunlight for a few days. Due to which the effect of the sun’s rays gets mixed in the oil and the benefit of the oil increases even more.

2. Coconut oil


Coconut oil is also very beneficial in massage. It has many miraculous properties which are beneficial for the skin of the body. Close it in a vial and keep it in sunlight for a few days.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil massage is very beneficial for the body. Almond thickener oil is also a good option for massage.

Right way to Massage

  • Most important thing to do massage, the place of massage should be clean and quiet. This space should be open where there should be movement of fresh air.
  • While getting the massage, the mind should be completely calm and it is said that the more calm and concentrated the mind of the masseur, the more benefit the masseur will get.
  • The massage should be done upwards starting from the bottom.
  • The masseur should first warm his hands by some action because warm hands are soft.
  • Massage should be done slowly and with pressure.
  • While getting the massage, it should be noted that if it is cold then the place of massage should be warm and if it is hot then the place should be cold.
  • The masseur should be in good health.
  • Women who are weak during pregnancy should not massage them for more than half an hour. But a healthy woman should be massaged for 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Benefits of Getting Massage During Pregnancy

  • Massaging during pregnancy relieves your stress and gives you the hormones that make you happy. These hormones are called endorsements.
  • This reduces restlessness and the person becomes worry free.
  • Massaging calms the mind and it also helps in sleeping well.
  • Foot massage during pregnancy increases blood circulation and relieves stiffness of the feet.
  • During this, the pain in the joints is also relieved and the problem of swelling in the feet can also be relieved by massaging.
  • Sometimes there is a complaint of nausea, heartburn or pain during pregnancy. But massage of feet and back gets rid of these problems.
  • Massage also provides relief from back pain.

Some precautions while getting massage

Massage of legs and abdomen should be done during pregnancy because pregnant women have to face many problems during this time, but massage can get rid of these problems but for this some precautions have to be taken which are as follows.

1. When your pregnancy reaches 4 months, you have to face difficulty in lying on your back because it puts pressure on your blood corpuscles. So during this you use pillows. With this, you will not have trouble lying on your back and you will feel better.

2. When you get a massage during pregnancy, keep in mind that the person getting the massage should be experienced because during this time pressure is put on some of the abdominal muscles, which reduces the swelling of pregnancy.

3. You must consult your doctor before any massage.

4. If the pregnant woman gets tired of lying down for a long time or if she starts feeling any kind of restlessness, then the massage should be stopped immediately.

5. Women who are suffering from blood pressure disease should be massaged from top to bottom and should be done slowly and with caution.

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