In today’s post, you will know about MoviesKiDuniya‘s BEST MALAYALAM MOVIES which is in TOP 10 BEST MALAYALAM MOVIES DUBBED IN HINDI. If you want to entertain movies sitting at home in lockdown of 2021, then you must watch these top Malayalam movies.

In today’s time, films are considered to be a better means of entertainment, whether it is Bollywood Hindi Movies or Hollywood, Tamil dubbed movies or Malayalam movies, movies of any language. We all like to watch movies and feel refreshed at the same time. Often these days we like to watch movies sitting at home. But we also like to go to the theater if we get good company.

Till date you must have seen many movies of Hindi but today we will tell you about some of the best Malayalam Movies which have been dubbed in Hindi. Which you would love to see.


In this way, films are made in many types of languages ​​in India in which regional languages ​​Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, kannad, Bangla, Gujrati, Marathi are also included but today we are going to share with you some of the most hit Malayalam movies list. If you are fond of watching movies, then I hope you will like all the movies mentioned in the list. These are all such movies which have been seen by more and more people and have also been liked to a great extent.

  1. Big B
  2. Loudspeaker
  3. Pranchiyettana and the saint
  4. Traffic
  5. Rathinirvedam
  6. Ustad hotel
  7. 22 Female Kottayam
  8. Mumbai police
  9. Drishyam
  10. 0hm shanthi oshaana

All the movies shown in MALAYALAM MOVIES List have been seen a lot by Malayalee audience but if you want to watch these movies dubbed in Hindi then it is now available, all of you can easily watch these BEST MALAYALAM MOVIES in Hindi.

Big B

Big B Good Malayalam Movies is present in DUBBED IN HINDI, there are many films in the Malayalam film world in which the predominance of female characters is shown. And BIG B is also one such Malayalam 300MBmovies4u movie whose story revolves around the mother. The role of mother is played by Nafisa Ali.

In this film, she has become a social worker, who adopts 4 sons. And these four brothers are away from each other. Murder mystery is shown in this film. And at the same time the feeling of revenge has also been displayed. In this, the story of brotherhood, love and family drama has been shown to you. Which you are going to like very much.


This is the second most powerful movie in Malayalam Movies List. Which you must see once. It is the story of a simple personality in which a man always works to collect old tape recorders and is very happy with his work. As you watch this Malayalam Best Movies, then you will get to see good acting and good story line which will keep you entertained.

Pranchiyettana and the saint

This is one of the best Malayalam comedy movies in which the story of a successful businessman is told. When a saint comes in the life of that businessman, then his whole life changes. Simultaneously he is in business Wants to be even more famous. This story is beautifully shot Which the audience will love to see.


Good Malayalam Movies List is the fourth all good movies where the film is based on a real life incident. 9 different characters are shown in this film, who come together at one point and somewhere everyone’s life starts getting affected by each other. You will be thrilled to see all 9 stories will get. You get to see these movies in Hindi Dubbed.


It is one of the Favorite movies of Malayalee’s. But this Best Malayalam Movies can now be seen in Hindi Dubbed also. It is a remake of an old film and tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl older than him.

Ustad Hotel

One of the best BEST MALAYALAM MOVIES DUBBED IN HINDI released on 29th June 2012. If we talk about the story of this movie, then it is the story of a boy Faizi, who opens his own restaurant. But his parents do not want to help in this regard. In such a situation, the boy thinks of running away from the house but soon he falls in the hands of his father. Then his sister helps him and asks him to go to Grandfather’s where Grandfather helps him to open a small restaurant where he makes Kerala’s most famous Biryani. This story is very interesting in which the struggle of a boy has been shown well.

22 Female Kottayam

MoviesVerse has a good Malayalam Movies The story of this movies is such that since then there has been a change in the character of women in Malayalam films. This Malayalam movie depicts the story of a girl who works as a nurse living in Bangalore and wants to work in the Gulf. For this she goes to the agent. Slowly she starts liking the agent and both reach the destination together but later she comes to know the truth of that agent which will be very interesting for you to see.

Mumbai police

Mumbai police movies were released by Malayalam Industries only on 3 May 2013. Due to the good quality of the movies, this movie was dubbed in Hindi, Marathi, and many other languages.

This movie has a very interesting story, which is also made in the form of thriller. This is the story of a man who loses his memory due to an accident. In a few days, with the help of friends, he wants to recover. He wants to find out about his friend’s murder in any case. This is one of the best Malayalam thriller movies that you will not be able to get up after watching and you will love this film till the last scene.


Drishyam is also one of the best Malayalam movies which has been made in about 3 languages. It is the story of a family that learns about the missing of the commissioner’s son. Despite being suspicious of this family, they come out of the clutches of law very easily. This story is very interesting, it will be beneficial for you to watch it because it is completely entertaining.

0hm shanthi oshaana

0hm shanthi oshaana :- is a top Malayalam movies of 2014 which has also been dubbed in Hindi language. If you like watching Hindi movies of MoviesKiDuniya then you can watch 0hm shanthi oshaana movie.

The film depicts the story of a girl who is in class 12 and thinks that she can do everything alone in her life. She falls in love with a boy in her life but due to some reason she gets away from that boy. And in a few days, she takes care of her mother by becoming a doctor and gets the work of publishing the poems written by her mother. She does everything that a man does in his life. This story works as a motivation, seeing that you will like this Best Malayalam Movies Dubbed in Hindi very much.

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If you want that Malayalam Dubbed Movies can be enjoyed sitting at home so that the family members If you can live together and watch full movies sitting comfortably, then you can sit at home. With the help of some movies website, you can download any movies of these Malayalam Movies List. And you can easily watch your favorite Malayalam Dubbed movies.

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The most used social platform in our country today is YouTube. You must have seen that many people get the love of people by creating their channels. But apart from all this, you can easily watch Top Malayalam movies of your choice in this, that too for absolutely free. YouTube website is used a lot for watching movies.

It is different that you do not get some movies here. But if you can watch any of the above mentioned Malayalam Movies List movies on YouTube with great fun.


For your information, let us tell you that Netflix is ​​a premium website from where if you want to watch movies, then you will incur some subscription fee for the month, after which you can not watch Malayalam movies in a place like YouTube, you can easily watch that movie on Netflix.

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This is an OTT Platform, which is now slowly rolling out in India. Through which you can watch any movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, South, Tamil, and Best Malayalam in full HD quality. Also you can download any movies in high quality.

If you like to watch Malayalam Dubbed Movies, then for your information, let me tell you that here you will get a good collection of Malayalam movies in which you can see new old ones. You can watch any type of movie and and the best thing about this movies website is that here you do not get to watch any kind of web series.


This platform is also considered very good for movies which was launched in 2012. In which the complete control of the website is with Eros Digital. Through which you can download and watch any Malayalam Movies and that too for free.

MX Player

MX PLAYER This is a platform where you get to watch many movies of MoviesKiduniya simultaneously Malayalam Dubbed Movies. if you want to watch Malayalam movie If you are a hobbyist, then this platform will be very beneficial for you. through this platform Many movies will be seen which you can enjoy sitting at home.


I hope you liked this post of mine because here I told you about TOP 10 BEST MALAYALAM MOVIES DUBBED IN HINDI as well as how you can watch these movies legally. Due to which you will find it very easy to watch these top Malayalam movies.

This post of RNkhabri is not promoting any kind of pirated site, all the websites mentioned here are legal. Which should be used to watch movies only.

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