Malaika Arora Beauty and Fitness Tips

Malaika Arora Beauty and Fitness Tips

Malaika Arora, who is in the headlines for her dance more than her acting in Bollywood, has turned 49. Malaika Arora is also known in Bollywood and fashion industry for her fabulous dressing style, her amazing figure. Malaika Arora, mother of 18-year-old son Arhaan, looks no less than a fashionista even at this age. Her glowing skin and figure is an example for those women who stop paying attention to themselves in old age. know Malaika Arora Beauty and Fitness Tips.

Malaika Arora is quite serious about both her fitness and her skin. This is the reason why no one can guess their age by looking at them. So let’s know the beauty and fitness tips of Malaika Arora, with the help of which you too can keep yourself fit with increasing age.


Malaika Arora Fitness Tips

There is no doubt that Malaika Arora is one of the most stylish actresses of Bollywood. Every girl wants to have her fit and toned body. During an interview, Malaika Arora had told many things about her fitness. He had also given many tips to his fans to stay fit, so let’s know about him.

– Start your day with lukewarm lemon water. It works to detoxify the body.


– Don’t be lazy and do daily workout

– Learn to smile instead of being sad. With this you will always be happy and your confidence will also increase.


– Avoid greasy-fried, high-salt food.

– Breakfast should be light and dinner should be heavy.

– Have dinner by 7.30 pm.

– Do not take carbohydrates in the diet at night at all.

– Eat everything but in a limit.

– Drink as much water as you can. Along with this, include coconut water, juice, smoothies etc. in the diet.

– Include plenty of vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet.

– Incorporate yoga in your life and get a healthy body.

– Rest is also necessary for the body, otherwise you will not look fresh.

Malaika Arora Beauty Tips

Malaika Arora takes special care of her beauty as well as her fitness. She not only looks beautiful but also stays fit and active and the best part is her skin glows so much even at this age. She adopts more natural home remedies than beauty products for her flawless skin, the proof of this is her Instagram account. Yes, Malaika Arora is seen sharing her beauty secrets with her fans every day. So let’s know about Malaika Arora’s beauty tips which will help your skin to get spotless, glowing and youthful skin.

– Malaika Arora drinks a lot of water and consumes more fruits and green vegetables to keep her skin healthy. This keeps their skin hydrated throughout the day.

– Malaika Arora is also an actress and model, that’s why she has to do a lot of makeup on shoots etc., but apart from this she prefers to spend most of the time without makeup.

– To give a natural glow to her skin, Malaika uses aloe Vera gel. She loves aloe Vera gel and uses it for yoga, shoots, makeup and before going out in the sun during the day. She believes that Aloe Vera Gel keeps her skin happy and healthy and glows 24/7.

– Malaika says that before sleeping, you should go to bed after cleaning your face properly.

– Don’t compromise with your skin. That is why always use only good and branded skin care products.

– Sweat a lot in the gym and do face yoga, this will not make your skin loose and you will always look young.

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