Makeup Tips For Holi – Holi Safety Tips

Makeup Tips For Holi – Holi Safety Tips

Many people have this misconception that on the day of playing Holi, it doesn’t matter if you put on make-up or not. Because on that day color is played and in such a situation what is the use of makeup? But let us tell you that makeup in Holi can make you more special than mangoes. Along with this, it also protects you from the damage caused by colors. Yes, if you celebrate the festival of Holi with family as well as friends or any circle or if it is the first Holi in your in-laws’ house, then you can take a different look with the help of makeup to stand out in the crowd. Anyway, nowadays Holi party is organized everywhere. In such a situation, your festival look can make you look special on these occasions and can collect a lot of applause from the people. know Makeup Tips For Holi.

Makeup Tips For Holi – Holi Makeup Tips

This time the colors of Holi will really drench you. Every color of this festival will be seen blooming on your face. And everyone looking at your photo will say ‘Wow! This is called Holi photo. Here we are telling you some easy makeup tips that will make you look more beautiful on the day of Holi and also glow in the sun. Not only this, these makeup tips will help you in a way to protect your face from the damage caused by colors. Let’s know step by step how to do makeup on Holi.


– First, apply oil to your hair and style it according to your comfort. By the way, if you want, you can also curl the hair.

– After this, apply dark colored nail paint on the hands and toes. This will not affect the colors of Holi on the nails.


– Now apply moisturizer well on your face and other open areas and then sunscreen after that.

– Now shape and darken your eyebrows with your color pencil. After this set the eyebrows with the old mascara. By doing this your eyebrows will be more highlighted.


– Now apply eyeliner on the eyes in black or matching your dress. You can also apply mascara if you want.

– To make the eyes attractive, off-height peach color, orange color, pink, yellow and blue eyeshadow can be used.

– After this, blend the foundation well on your face and neck. Then cover it well with face powder.

– Instead of light shade on the lips, apply only dark color lipstick.

– To make the lipstick last longer, apply a light foundation or concealer on the lips as well. Take care of one thing that you must do the outline on the lips, only then fill the lipstick in it.

– If you want, you can also add a little blush to highlight your cheekbones.

– An ethnic look is incomplete without a bindi. That’s why don’t forget to put a small dot at all.

By the way, believe that by adopting these makeup tips, you can click a great Holi DP for social media.

Holi Safety Tips

– Avoid playing with the solid green. It contains sulfate chemical which is considered extremely risk for the eyes.

– Synthetic cloth sticks to the body when wet, so wear cotton clothes while playing with colors.

– Keep your money and mobile in a plastic zip pouch. This will keep the goods safe and there will be no problem even while taking selfies.

– To prevent the color from rising excessively, apply mustard oil on the body beforehand and use warm water to get rid of the color. This will remove the color quickly.

– If you are playing Holi in the hot sun, then to avoid dehydration, drink more and more water and keep eating something.

– You can also take off the color quickly by rubbing lemon, but after that definitely apply moisturizer.

– Take care not to eat anything with colored hands. The color reaches inside the body and directly harms the lungs and intestines.

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