Follow These Makeup Tips For A Perfect Selfie

Follow These Makeup Tips For A Perfect Selfie

Perfect Selfie has become an important part of our life style. Lots of likes and comments have become an important part of our lives today, especially for the youth. If you are also used to taking selfies with the front camera of your phone, then you will be aware that it is very difficult to take good selfies from it. After many clicks, a good selfie comes. Still, it doesn’t seem like a perfect selfie. The front camera of a mobile phone is specially designed to focus on every detail of the face, which is why it shows your face from blemishes to makeup. If you also want a perfect selfie then definitely follow the makeup tips mentioned here.

Follow These Makeup Tips For A Perfect Selfie


Primer is a makeup product that helps to hide all the imperfections on your face that can be noticed in a selfie. Like fine lines, blemishes, dark circles etc. For this, apply a little primer on the face and then a little foundation and make the complexion of the face uniform. This will make your skin look clear and the selfie will also glow.

Matte Makeup

Glossy makeup on the face can prove to be a big hindrance to the perfect selfie. This does not make the photo clear and the face may look too bright. Glossy makeup on top can also make the face look oily. For a perfect selfie, apply matte makeup on your face and neck area. With this, your beauty will shine in the photo.

Ignore Pastel Colors

We recommend that you avoid using pastel colors in your makeup, especially if you are going to click selfies. Pastel colors look too washed out and lightly in photos, so use bold and dark colors for your eye makeup. Apart from this, ignore such colors in lipstick too. Instead, apply lipstick of dark shades.

Check Makeup in Natural Light

Even if you do your makeup inside the house indoor lights, but after doing makeup, once you check it in the natural light outside. Especially if you are planning to take selfie during day time then it becomes even more important. Never do makeup in artificial lights so as not to overdo the makeup.

Do Eye Makeup

Always try to focus your eyes in your selfie. Curling your lashes and applying a nice coat of mascara are enough to make your eyes look beautiful. Also, applying shimmery eyeshadow under the brow bone and in the corner of your eyes makes your eyes more noticeable. Therefore, if you want a perfect selfie (Makeup Tips For A Perfect Selfie), then definitely do eye makeup.

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