How To Do Makeup Step By Step | Summer, Winter, Rainy Makeup Tips

How To Do Makeup Step By Step | Summer, Winter, Rainy Makeup Tips

Along with the face, makeup makes the whole personality very attractive. Whether it is going to office or party mood, you can make your look more charming and gorgeous with makeup on every occasion. But for this it is very important to know the way to do makeup (makeup karne ka tarika) because always going to the parlor and getting makeup done is a very expensive and complicated task. Knowing how to do makeup step by step (makeup karne ka tarika step by step) is the most accurate way to know. Whether it is to do nude makeup (Nude Makeup Look Tutorial Step by Step), the right way to do eyebrow makeup or to apply eyeshadow (Eyeshadow Tutorial Step by Step), step by step makeup method for all of them. First of all it is important to know.

How to do Makeup at Home Everyday

If you like to do makeup to always look presentable, then it is important that you know how to do makeup at home on a daily basis. So if you have the same question in your mind that how to do makeup at home everyday and thinking that you do not have the confidence to do makeup, then follow these steps given by us:


Step 1- Before starting makeup, wash your face with mild face wash or lukewarm water.

Step 2- Before applying makeup, rub ice on the skin for 5-10 minutes. By doing this, the makeup lasts longer.


Step 3- Apply moisturizer according to your skin type on the face so that the face remains hydrated.

Step 4- Now apply dots of foundation on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and blend the foundation by patting gently with fingers. If you want, you can also blend the foundation well with a wet sponge or brush. Apply foundation on the eyelids as a base for the eyeshadow.


Step 5- If there are spots on the face, then cover them with concealer. Use a small brush or sponge to apply concealer to these areas, especially under the jawline and around the nose. Pat lightly with fingers, so that the concealer is well set. If you like to use contour, then you can apply contour after this step.

Step 6- To set the concealer and foundation around the eye, dip a small brush in loose powder and dust lightly.

Step 7- Now apply translucent powder. Dust on a little translucent powder with a large round brush. For a matte finish, apply a light powder puff.

Step 8- In this step you have to decide whether you will keep your eye makeup basic or give it a Smokey, cat eye look or a graphic look. Keeping this in mind choose your liner, eyeshadow etc. For basic eye makeup, apply eyeshadow on the eyelid with a brush. After this, apply eye liner on the lash line. Apply mascara and apply kajal on the lower lid.

Step 9- Now apply blusher to highlight the cheek bone. Apply the blusher moving from the cheekbones towards the ears. Also keep in mind that the shades of blusher and lipstick should match.

Step 10- If you want to use highlighter, then apply highlighter on cheek bones, jawline, cupid bow, inner corner of eyes, chin etc.

Step 11- Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. With this, the lipstick will be applied evenly on the entire lips and will last for a long time. Use lip gloss for shine.

Summer Makeup Tips | How to do Summer Makeup Step by Step

If you want to do makeup in summer, then learn here how to do step by step makeup in summer.

Step 1- Cleansing.

Sweating on the face is very common in summer and in such weather if makeup is started without proper cleansing then the face does not look good. First of all, wash the face with household things like gram flour, multani mitti or with any oil free face wash.

Step 2- Apply ice on the face so that there is no excessive sweating on the face.

Step 3- Now use toner on the face according to your skin. This will also reduce the problem of sweating and the face will not look dry.

Step 4- Whether staying at home or going out, apply sunscreen on the face.

Step 5- Use a primer on the face.

Humidity produces more sweat and sebum. This often removes makeup easily from the face. The best way to avoid this is to apply a primer on your T-zone before starting makeup.

For this, you use mattifying primer. It controls the shine of the face, closes the pores and gives a flawless look to the face. Apart from this, it also helps the foundation to last longer.

Step 6- After primer, apply foundation on the face. At this time, you can also apply a drop or two moisturizer to your foundation so that the face looks well hydrated and flawless.

Step 7- Complete the makeup with eyeshadow, liner, blush, lip liner and lipstick. If you want to use highlighter, apply highlighter on cheek bones, jawline, cupid bow, inner corner of eyes, chin etc.

Step 8- Do not forget to use setting spray. The setting spray will keep all the makeup intact and will not remove makeup quickly.

Winter Makeup Tips | How to do Step by Step Makeup in Winter

If you also want to know how to do step by step makeup in winter then follow these simple steps.

Step 1- First of all do face wash.

Step 2- After washing the face, first apply serum on the face because most of the people’s skin becomes very dry in this season and serum hydrates the face from inside. Now apply moisturizer or primer on the face.

Step 3- If any area of the face is dark or there are spots, then use concealer.

Step 4- Now set the base by applying translucent powder on the face.

Step 5- Brush the blush from the cheekbones to the top of the ear. It can also be applied lightly on the nose.

Step 6- Apply eyeshadow. You can blend it with a brush or with your fingers.

Step 7- Shape the eyebrows. Apply liner and mascara.

Step 8- Apply lip liner and lipstick. Apply lip gloss for a glossy finish.

Rainy Makeup Tips | How to do Monsoon Makeup Step by Step

Maintaining perfect makeup in monsoon is like a task. The chances of spillage of eye makeup or spillage of lipstick are high in this season. In such a situation, you can perfect your look with a little manipulation in your makeup product. To know how to do makeup step by step in monsoon, follow these steps:

Step 1- Cleanse the face and moisturize the face.

Step 2- Apply tinted sunscreen or tinted moisturizer with SPF on the face. For this, you use your finger, brush or sponge. Most experts recommend using less foundation in monsoon.

Step 3- Set the base with setting powder or finishing powder. For this, use a flat sponge and apply it on the face by dabbing and not rubbing.

Step 4- Fill in and line the brows with a waterproof brow pencil.

Step 5- If you are applying eyeshadow then apply cream based eyeshadow keeping in view of this season. You can also use your crayon lipstick for this. For eye makeup, apply waterproof mascara and liner.

Step 6- Apply blush.

Step 7- Complete the makeup with lip liner and lipstick.

Some Questions related to Makeup Step by Step – FAQ’s

Q1. What should be applied before applying makeup?

Before starting makeup, moisturizer should be applied to hydrate the face properly. This makes the face look soft and helps in applying primer, foundation.

Q2. How to do makeup at home for beginners?

If beginners want to do makeup then they can finish their makeup in these simple steps. Apply primer in the first step, then apply foundation on the face with finger, brush or sponge. Keep in mind the skin tone while using foundation. Now if there are any kind of spots in the face, then apply concealer. Skip it if not needed. Set makeup with loose powder. Now apply kajal, liner and mascara and complete the makeup by applying lipstick.

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