6 Tips To Make A Optimal Travel


If you are ready to go on a trip but you don’t know how to prepare and how to enjoy your trip. To ensure that you especially have great experiences, Read here the 6 commandments for optimal travel pleasure.

  1. Be guided by curiosity, not fear.

When travelling, you have two choices: either let curiosity guide you or let fear hold you back.

If you choose the former, you will quickly notice that your days are full of mini discoveries. Nice cafes, nice people, special moments, you name it.

  1. Do whatever you want

This sounds very logical, because why would you do things you don’t want to do while travelling?

But for many travellers, travel from place to place and let blogs, travel guides and other travellers tell them what they really should see and do. Afraid of missing things, they go to those places anyway. Even if they don’t seem like it at all.

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Do not do that.

Always ask yourself when travelling: what do I want? What do I think would be fun?

Does that mean you miss the spot’s number 1 highlight? So what. If you don’t care, why go?

  1. Learn to be alone

If you’re a bit like most first-time travellers, it’s exciting that you’re going alone. You may also be a little afraid of loneliness.

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Being alone can be great. Being alone can be shitty. It’s just what you make of it.

What I do know is that while travelling you will have to learn to be alone. Not because I say so, but because it makes you enjoy yourself more.

After all, you don’t need anyone to do fun things. You can enjoy any time. You can be much more aware of your own thoughts. You can follow your own curiosity without having to consult with anyone else.

You will have to learn that a little bit. And it may take some getting used to decide for yourself what you want to do. But in the end, you will learn that being alone is pleasant and not a threat.

  1. Laugh at things that go wrong

You can prepare things so well, things will always go wrong while travelling.

For example, buses that go too late or just don’t go at all. Or buses that take so many curves that you spend the entire journey making sure you don’t throw up. Or diarrhoea at unpleasant moments. Or people who don’t understand you, give you wrong advice or lie to you.

It happens and is part of travelling. Then you can feel very sorry for yourself, but complaining doesn’t solve anything and only makes it worse.

So if something goes wrong, accept it, laugh about it and get on with your day.

  1. Do new things, even if it scares you

Trying new things is scary, but also fun. Nobody likes to be bad at something, but you can learn new things only by doing it.

So take those surf lessons. Have a chat with strangers. Go out alone. Take public transportation. Take that 10-day meditation course.

Do things you have never done before, even if it scares you. It will enrich your journey and give you experiences that you will talk about years later.

  1. Give what you want to receive

I strongly believe that we can shape our reality through what we do, say and think. At least to some extent.

If you decide to laugh at people, people will laugh at you. However, do you walk around with a sad head all day long? Then you will live in a world where no one smiles at you.

It works the same in hostels. If you would like to contact people, contact people. If you want people to show interest in you, show interest first. If you want positive people around you, start by being positive yourself first.

You will see that you attract a lot more nice people that way. You will see people draw to you when you are relaxed. You will see that people enjoy meeting you.

So those were the 6 commandments for optimal travel pleasure. Follow them and you will experience that travelling can be even more beautiful than you previously thought! (optimal travel)