What is Mac Address? – How to Find and Change MAC Address in Desktop!

What is Mac Address? – How to Find and Change MAC Address in Desktop!

Every person today is connected to the internet and uses a computer/laptop. The person who uses computer and laptop must know about Mac Address, but there are many users who do not know about Mac Address, so in today’s post we will tell them what is Mac Address.

If your laptop or computer is lost or stolen by someone, then you can locate your computer / laptop through Mac Address Finder. You can use Mac Address in many ways. So let’s know how to find the Mac Address of your computer or laptop.


What is Mac Address

Mac Address is an Identification Number. It is also called Hardware Address. All networking devices have different Mac Address like- Mac Address is different in Android phone, and Mac Address is different for iPhone. This is a unique number. Mac Address is an identification number of 12 numbers. A device comes in contact with a network through a MAC address. Mac Address Size is 48 Bits.

How to find Mac address

Follow the steps given below to do Mac Address Search in your computer and laptop.


Step 1: Enter CMD

First of all you have to press Windows + R. After that a Run Box will open in front of you, in which you have to write CMD and click on OK.


What is Mac Address? – How to Find and Change MAC Address in Desktop!

Step 2: Enter Ipconfig/all Command

As soon as you do OK by typing CMD, a new window opens in front of you, in this window you have to enter by giving ipconfig / all command.

How to find Mac address

Just after this the Mac Address Show will be in front of you.

How to find Mac address

How to Change Mac Address

If you are a Windows user and want to change Mac Address in your Windows computer, then we will tell you how to change Mac Address. You can also change the Mac Address in Windows 7 by the steps given below.

Step 1: Go To Manage Option

First of all, by typing Computer Management on Type Here To Search near the start button of your computer, click on the option of Computer Management appearing.

Go To Manage Option

Step 2: Tap On Device Manager

In the Manage option, you will get the option of Device Manager, click on it.

Tap On Device Manager

Step 3: Tap On Network Adapters

Click on Network Adapters in Device Manager.

Tap On Network Adapters

Step 4: Select Network Adapters

You have to go to Properties by right clicking on the Network Adapter whose Mac Address you want to change.

Select Network Adapters

Step 5: Advanced

In this you will find the tab of Advanced, click on it and go to Network Address.

Select Network Adapters

Step 6: Enter Your New Mac Address

Here you have to enter your new Mac Address in the option of Value. After that click on OK. If you want, you can also change Mac Address using Mac Address Changer.

Difference Between Mac Address And IP Address

Some differences are found between Mac Address and IP Address, which have been told to you further. So let’s know about Mac Address Vs IP Address.

  • Its MAC address is assigned by the same company by which the device is made. The IP address is assigned by the network administrator and the user.
  • Mac Address Bits are of 48 Bits and it is Hexadecimal Address of 6 Bytes and IPv4 Address is of 48 Bits and which is Address of 4 Bytes.
  • The IP address identifies the computer’s Internet connection. The Mac Address identifies the physical address of the computer’s Internet connection.

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In this post we explained you in Mac Address Simple Definition. Now you can easily search and change Mac Address in your computer and laptop. Also tell your friends about what is the MAC address, so that if they want to see the MAC address of their computer, then they will be able to see it through this post. So friends if you liked the post then like and share on social media.

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