Low Investment Business: New Business Ideas with Low Investment

Low Investment Business: New Business Ideas with Low Investment

Low Investment Business: Almost everyone dreams about doing their own business, but before doing any business, people also think how to start a business without capital or with less capital. Thinking like this, many people do not do business and sit down with the desire to do new business.

But have you ever thought that a business can be done with low budget or low expenses but for that it is necessary to have a basic concept clear before doing any business and not having the right knowledge about that business, then you will also fail May take.

New Business Ideas with Low Investment

Through this article, we are going to give you some Low Investment business ideas that you can start at low cost and earn good profits.


Also, let us tell you that businesses started with low expenses can be for a long time. Also, the specialty of these small businesses is that students, youth and housewives can also do them.

For this you can also take the example of Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon company, he started the e-commerce company Amazon for a very low cost, only this company used to sell books initially but later this company expanded greatly and Today Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world according to the 2018 Forbes list, there are many examples like Jeff Bezos who started their business at a very low cost and are touching the heights.

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Now internet technology has become the basis of every established business. Due to which online business has also been encouraged, online business can be started with less capital. Some of the online businesses are as follows.

1. General Store Business

The idea of ​​doing general store business is also very good. It is a low-cost good-earning business. Given the demand of the products and beauty products used in the daily routine, you can do this business which can become a medium of good earning in the future.

2. Real Estate Business

Real estate agents can also make you rich. Buying a house is the basic need of everyone, people either build a house with land or prefer to live with a flat built. For this, you can help such people by opening a real state agency.

Many real state agents help people to choose a house according to their choice and instead they take a commission of 1 to 2 per cent of the cost of the land, while this business can also prove to be very beneficial for the future.

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3. Professional Freelancer

Freelancers have also become a good means of earning money. People can earn good by sitting at home as freelancers. Many people are also making money by opening freelancer agency. You can try your qualification as a freelancer in many fields, if you have the talent of web designing, software development, writing, photo editing, translation, then you can earn a lot by becoming a freelancer.

At the same time, there are many mediums that make freelancers work. At the same time, the biggest feature of freelancing is that they can set the time to work themselves. Let us tell you that the freelancer scope is growing rapidly in the online world.

4. Bakery Business

The business of opening a bakery is also a very good business, it is a long term business that can earn a lot of profit, while its special thing is that this business can be started at a low cost. Along with this, you can do retail marketing of bakery and can earn good by giving the convenience of home delivery.

5. Home Canteen Low Investment Business

The business of home canteen is also a very good business which can be done at a very low cost and at the same time a good income can be made from this business. Most office goers cannot get lunch facility, for such people you can provide lunch in their office itself. You can do this work sitting at home as well as it will also improve your income.

6. Yoga Class

If you are fit and healthy and have complete knowledge of yoga then you can earn money by becoming a yoga teacher. Yes, you can open your class and earn well by becoming a Yoga teacher. In today’s era, everyone wants to be fit. Obviously, fit and beautiful personality attracts everyone’s attention.

Therefore, becoming a teacher is a new profession. The best thing is that you can open a yoga class at your home and can give information about yoga to all the people. You will not even need to earn much capital to open a yoga class, while if you take 1000 rupees from a student, then you can earn well.

7. Social Media Services

Social media has taken the scenes of online marketing, advertising, communication as a whole to a new frontier. Be it any established brand or any business, social media is an important role. Advertising and marketing of a business is done through social media which helps to increase sales and earn more profit. In addition, new social media apps are being developed all the time with the aim of making it big in the market.

How to do business with social media services

  • For this you will need to bend the existing idea in a more creative and unique way with a new idea.
  • A full-fledged app development will be required to create the app.
  • An advertiser will be required for pricing and promotion.
  • Target and distribute the right segment of audience.

In this way, today social media business plays a big role while many companies are looking for experts and social media service providers. With this, you can also plan to start your own company. Who will post on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for business. Also, let us tell you that given the high usage of social media, it can prove to be one of the best business ideas.

8. Beauty Parlor Low Investment Business

The way fashion scope is growing rapidly nowadays. Be it makeup, facials or hair look, most women turn to the parlor. Therefore beauty parlor is also a good business idea that can be opened at a low cost and earning well.

Women can open it even after taking a 2-3 months beautician course. In this way, you can become a source of good earning in future.

9. Mobile phone repair / accessories / recharge

Nowadays mobile is such a device that everyone has and in the coming time, mobile is projected to grow more and more.

Many times in using mobile phones, the mobile phone does not work properly, which requires repair or the related goods like mobile cover, earphones, screen guard demand is increasing day by day as well as SIM for mobile. Seeing the need, the business of SIM and mobile recharge can also prove to be a good medium to earn money, while the start of this business can go only in less capital, later you can increase it if you earn well.

10. Dietary consultancy services

Dietary counseling services are also proving to be a medium to do good business in less capital. Most people are in tension about their food and they like to eat according to the diet chart for what they should and should not eat, or for this to take the opinion of an expert, in view of its increasing demand, you can make a diet. Specialists can start this business by hiring.

11. Party Planning

You must have seen that there is a lot of trend of giving party in metro city, if you too are planning to do business in metro city, then you can do business by planning services for the party, which is a very good business idea, for this you will have more capital Neither will be required.

12. Event Management Low Investment Business

If you are thinking of doing business and you do not have that much cost then you do not need to freak but you can try your luck in the event management business and earn well.

In view of this, you can work as an event manager, which is a very good option for earning.

Nowadays, the party is organized everywhere on weddings, birthdays and other occasions, but most people cannot manage themselves due to the busyness, so they need an event manager who can manage all the work well and the rest Work from workers.

Apart from this, there are many business ideas, due to which you can earn good in less capital. But to be successful in any business, the most important thing is that you choose the business according to your interest.

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