Why Marriage is not the Destination of Every love Relationship

Why Marriage is not the Destination of Every love Relationship

Everyone in the world has a desire for a happy love relationship. It helps us to know ourselves well and make us a kinder person. However, not all love relationship are such in which two lovers stay together forever. But how do you know whether your relationship will turn into a marriage? The answer to this question is – with the help of astrology. Love relationships are influenced by many things – including the position of the planets and the combination of planets in a particular house, and many more. So let’s know from Pandit Joshi about some common astrological factors that indicate the separation of two lovers.

Why Marriage is not the Destination of Every love Relationship

Number of properties

The most common way to measure compatibility between two lovers is by matching their qualities. The future of the relationship is assessed based on the total number of each trait score. It has a maximum score of 36 which is very rare to achieve. A score of less than 18 is not considered auspicious; A score greater than 18 but less than 24 is considered average while a score of 24 to 32 is considered a sign of a successful marriage. A score over 32 is considered a relationship made in heaven. Sometimes it also happens that in spite of getting a good number of qualities, the marriage is not successful because some qualities like Nadi are very important. And if the score of Nadi Guna is very low then those people should not get married.

Planetary positions

The most important indications for the success or failure of a marriage are the Moon and Venus. The position of the Moon determines the emotional bond between two people as well as how well they will understand each other. At the same time, Venus reveals physical attraction and relationship compatibility between the two. For a successful marriage, it is necessary for these two planets to be in a friendly state. If the position of these planets is not suitable then marriage can become trouble and it is better to break such relationship.

The fifth house in a person’s horoscope is an indicator of love. If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is present in it, then it is considered inauspicious and there is a possibility of failure of the relationship.

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The sixth house in a horoscope is an indicator of a person’s temperament, health and routine. It shows the ability of a person to deal with life and its associated challenges. If two people are planning to spend every moment of their life together till they are separated by death then it is very important to match their attitude towards life. If there is presence of Venus, Rahu and Mars in the sixth house of a person’s horoscope then it is a sign of incomplete relationship and will not convert into marriage.

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If there is a problem in a relationship, there are solutions for it too. It is always suggested to consult an astrologer before getting married so that the compatibility of both the people can be analyzed. Often astrologers also suggest solutions to rectify the negative planetary dasha.

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