How To Lose Weight After Breastfeeding – Diet Chart for Weight after Weaning

How To Lose Weight After Breastfeeding - Diet Chart for Weight after Weaning

How to lose weight after breastfeeding: Today we have brought you such a diet chart for weight loss, which will help you a lot in reducing weight after stopping breastfeeding.

Weight gain in pregnancy is very common. This is due to the changes taking place in the body. After delivery, the woman is made to consume more ghee, nuts and milk etc. so that she remains healthy during this period, due to which the weight of the woman can increase even more. Although a woman can keep herself healthy by exercising etc., but she is unable to diet due to feeding the baby. Therefore, a woman can consider losing weight on her own when the baby has stopped breastfeeding. Although it is not easy but still it is possible with some exercise and changes in your eating habits.

How to lose weight after Breastfeeding

1. Before Breakfast [8:00 AM]

If the mother wants to lose weight after the baby stops breastfeeding, then the mother should make changes in her diet. For this, drink a cup of fenugreek water or lemonade as soon as you wake up in the morning. This improves metabolism.

2. Breakfast [9:00 AM]

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and according to doctors, if breakfast is not eaten then it can lead to diseases like diabetes, mood swings and obesity. Breakfast affects the metabolic process of our body. People who do not eat breakfast or do not do it at the right time, their appetite increases more than usual. Often people start eating less to lose weight, which also affects their health.

Actually, to lose weight, it is not necessary to eat less, but you should keep the amount of calories in your diet low and take nutrients in more quantity. Especially when you feed the baby after delivery, after that you do not have to reduce the amount of food completely, but you should eat something at least six times a day.

Weight Loss Breakfast Options

  • Green tea or black tea with a bowl of oatmeal or oats
  • Three idlis or one plain dosa with a bowl of sambhar, green tea
  • Creamy milk with a bowl of upma
  • Moong Dal Cheela with Milk
  • roti + vegetable + black coffee or tea

Remember, if you want to lose weight, then keep the amount of carbohydrates in your diet low. Avoid paratha or any fried thing. If you want, you can eat these things in small quantities once a week. Along with this, nuts like almonds, cashews or walnuts can be kept in small quantities in breakfast.

3. Before Lunch [11:00 AM]

Have any seasonal fruit / fruit chaat or fresh fruit juice of your choice.

4. Lunch For Weight Loss [1:00 PM]

If you want to lose weight then you should drink plenty of water. Drink several glasses of water a day, and avoid the consumption of sweet things. If you feel like eating sweets, then eat fruits or you can include a little dark chocolate in your diet. You can consume these things in lunch.

  • A little rice + lentils + vegetables and salad with two roti’s
  • Any seasonal vegetable and curd with two roti’s
  • Any dal, curd and salad with rice

5. Afternoon [3:00 PM]

After noon take any juice or a cup of green tea.

6. Evening [5:30 PM]

If you feel hungry in the evening, you can have a light breakfast like sprouted pulses, fruit salad or eat a salad of cucumber, tomato etc. with lemon and salt. If you want, you can also drink a glass of coconut water. You will also benefit by making vegetable soup and drinking it. You can also eat peanuts or almonds in the evening, this will give you energy.

7. Dinner During Weight Loss [8:00 PM]

Include roti, rice, lentils, boiled vegetables and lentils in dinner. If you want, you can also consume salad and curd in dinner. You can also drink a glass of milk before sleeping.

This diet chart for weight loss is not only helpful in reducing weight, for this you should also do light exercise, walk and yoga. Drink plenty of fluids and get enough sleep. Also avoid stress. If you want, you can change your diet even after consulting a doctor. Don’t change your diet right away after your baby stops breastfeeding, but start slowly. With the right diet and exercise, you can keep yourself fit and healthy.

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