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longest river in India

longest river in India: Our country India has always been an agricultural country. Rivers have played an important role in the cultural and economic development of our country since ancient times. About 57% of our farmers depend on the water of rivers. There are more than 200 major rivers in India, including all small and big rivers. In today’s article, we will learn about India’s longest river. In this article, we are going to list the 10 largest rivers of India. In an earlier article, we learned about the world’s largest river.

List of longest rivers of India

Sr No. River name Point of origin Length (km)
1. Ganga Gangotri Glacier 2510 Kilometer
2. Godavari Trimbakeshwar Maharashtra 1464 Kilometer
3. Yamuna Yamunotri, Glacier 1376 Kilometer
4. Narmada Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 1312 Kilometer
5. Krushna Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 1300 Kilometer
6. Sindhu Kailash Range, Tibet 1114 Kilometer
7. Brahmaputra Agansi Glacier, Tibet 916 Kilometer
8. Mahanadi Chhattisgarh from the southern eastern hills 890 Kilometer
9. Kaveri Talakveri, Karnataka 805 Kilometer
10. Tapti Satpura Range Near Multai, Madhya Pradesh 724 Kilometer

Length of major rivers of India in kilometers

1. Narmada River

Narmada River

Narmada River is the fourth longest river in India. Narmada River has a length of 1312 km. The river Narmada originates from the Amarkantak mountain in Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada River is also known as Reva. It is a river flowing in the west direction of the river. This river of India has been considered as one of the seven sacred rivers. This river is described in various ancient scripts of Hindus. This river merges into the Arabian Sea.


2. Sindhu River

longest river in India

The oldest civilization of the world, the Sindhu Valley was situated on the banks of this Sindhu River. It is one of the oldest rivers in India. This river originates from the Mansarovar lake and reaches Ladakh and Baltistan. Some of the tributaries of the Sindhu River include the Sutlej, Kabul, Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, and Beas rivers. The total length of the Sindhu River is 3180 km whereas it covers 1114 km in India and originates from the middle of Pakistan. It is the national river of Pakistan. At times, there has been a dispute in India and Pakistan regarding the water treaty of the Sindhu River. This river is the largest river in Pakistan. It holds the sixth position in the list of the longest river in India.

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3. Mahanadi

The Mahanadi is considered the eighth longest and largest river in India. Its length is 890 kilometers. The Mahanadi is made up of two Sanskrit words. Where Maha means great and river is a yogic. Which means great river. This river has the highest silt deposits compared to other rivers of India. The Mahanadi originates in the Sihawa mountains of Chhattisgarh and flows through the state of Orissa. Let me tell you that the world’s largest earthen dam: Hirakud Dam has been constructed on the Mahanadi in Odisha.

4. Kaveri River

The length of the Kaveri River is 805 kilometers. It is the largest in Tamil Nadu and the ninth largest river in India. The river originates from the Brahmagiri mountain in the Western Ghats at Talakveri in Kodagu district of Karnataka and flows into the Bay of Bengal flowing from the southeast. There is a dispute in two states of India about the mass of this river, which we know as the Cauvery water dispute. This river is also called Ganga of South India.

5. Tapti River

longest river in India

The Tapti River is considered to be the tenth longest river in India. It originates from Multai in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and reaches Gujarat via Maharashtra from where it joins the Gulf of Khambat (Arabian Sea). The length of the Tapti River is 724 kilometers. This river is also known as Suryaputri.

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6. Brahamputra River

Brahmaputra is India’s largest river at number seven. This river is one of the major rivers of India. Although the total length of this river is 3848 km, but it flows only 916 km in India. The origin of this river originates from the Agensi glacier of the Himalayas in Tibet. This river is known as Lug Tsangpo River in Tibet. The Brahmaputra river enters India through Arunachal Pradesh and passes through it to Bangladesh, after which it joins the Bay of Bengal.

7. Ganga River

longest river in India

Friends, the first name in the list of India’s longest river is the Ganges River. The Ganges River is the largest river in India, its length is 2510 km. This river is considered the holiest river in Hinduism, and is also worshiped as Ganga Maiya. The river Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier in Uttarakhand and merges into the Bay of Bengal. The river passes through North, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. The flow of the Ganges river is the livelihood of millions of people.

8. Godavari River

Godavari is the second longest river after the Ganges river of India. It has a length of 1464 kilometers. The Godavari River is the longest river in South India. This river is known as “Dakshin Ganga” in South India. The river originates from Trimbakeshwar, Nashik in Maharashtra and passes through Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh and joins the Bay of Bengal. Godavari river is also considered revered according to Hindu scriptures.

9. yamuna River

Yamuna river is the longest river in India in third place. The total length of the Yamuna river is 1376 km. The Yamuna River originates from Jaleshiar on the Bandar Punch peak in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The Yamuna River is the longest tributary of the Ganges River. The river passes through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and joins the Bay of Bengal.

10. Krishna River

longest river in India

The length of Krishna river is 1300 km. The Krishna River originated from the Western Ghats near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. The river passes through the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and joins the Bay of Bengal. The Krishna River is also known as Krishnawan. The Krishna River is considered one of the most important peninsular rivers in India. Some experts believe that during the excavation in this river, diamonds are also released in it. It holds the fifth position in the list of the longest river in India.

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