Want Thick long Hair, Leave These Habits Today

Want Thick long Hair, Leave These Habits Today

We all know that many people have started losing hair more since COVID-19 but this is not the only reason. We can do so many things everyday that damage our hair but we don’t realize it. Because of this, if you want to make your hair long and thick, then you should give up some of the habits mentioned below today.

Shampooing twice a week

Many of us see this as the golden rule of having strong and shiny hair, although experts suggest otherwise, it’s important to shampoo every day or at least every other day to keep your hair strong. Also, if your hair is falling a lot, then you must wash your hair on the second day. Failure to do so can result in too much buildup on the scalp which can lead to thinning of the hair.

Tie Hair Tight

Who doesn’t love tightly tied hair? But did you know that this extra pressure puts unnecessary stress on your hair and can lead to hair thinning or loss? So next time try to leave your hair free or tie them loosely.

Towel Dry Hair

Although drying the hair with a towel is the best way, but if you do it wrong then your hair can be damaged a lot. Treat your hair like any other delicate part of your body. If you handle it harshly, it will lose its luster and strength. So, the next time you towel dry your hair, press it on your hair to absorb the excess water.

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Take a Hot Shower

You will not disagree with us on this. Hot shower is the best option whenever you want to say goodbye to your stress (Thick long Hair). However, these hot showers are not that good for our hair if taken regularly. Hot water can damage them and cause hair thinning. However, if you don’t like taking a cold shower, try lukewarm water every time you wash your hair.

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