Liam Payne admits co-parenting in the pandemic is ‘complicated’

Liam Payne admits co-parenting in the pandemic is ‘complicated’

The unprecedented health crisis that engulfed the world last year made life difficult for many people, who had to stay away from their families and friends so as to reduce the risk of viral transmission. And even after countries opened up and allowed movement, it came with one too many restrictions.

Having to negotiate his way around to meeting his three-year-old son Bear Grey, singer-songwriter Liam Payne admitted in an Instagram live interview that co-parenting during the pandemic has been ‘complicated’.

Payne was speaking with his producer Ben Winston, when he opened up about his parental obstacles and shared that it had been a few weeks since he last saw his son, whom he shares with British singer and actress Cheryl. While the couple dated for close to two years, they officially separated in July 2018 after welcoming their child in March 2017.

“I went and saw Bear today. We had a little hangout, which was quite nice,” Payne (27) said.

“I hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. It’s hard with the COVID thing because I have to make sure that I’m negative before I go over and see him, so it’s having to wait that couple of days before you can test,” he said, adding that Bear was “only up the street and it’s dead complicated, but he’s gotten so big”.

“He’s huge.”

Payne’s claim to fame was the immensely popular band One Direction, of which he has been a member, along with Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson.

In an interview with People magazine in December 2020, Payne had said: “I had my son at a young age, and you think it will be a magical thing, that you’re going to grow up one day into the person you’re supposed to be, but it took a lot to find my footing.”

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