Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal For Face

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal For Face

There are several options for removing unwanted facial hair, with tweezing, threading, and waxing being the most popular; But these are temporary remedies for hair removal. But if you want something longer-term, there are alternatives like electrolysis or laser. There are lasers everywhere these days; But no one has complete or correct information about it; Due to which people are not able to decide whether it should be done or not? Moreover, it is also costlier than other alternatives, and hence it becomes a bit more difficult to decide on. Today we have brought a short guide, which will give you basic information about lasers (Laser Treatment For Hair Removal). And then you can decide whether it is right for you or not.

Everything About Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal For Face

What is Laser Treatment

Laser hair reduction/hair removal is a method by which unwanted hair follicles are eliminated through a pulse of laser light. That is, the hair is eliminated from the root, which gives long-term results.

What Tests are Done Before Laser?

First of all, the doctor will check the area where you want to get the laser done – like the skin of that area (skin type, color) and the color of the hair there, thickness etc. after knowing everything well, he will tell you that your session What type of laser (heating pulse length) and for how long (pulse width) laser should I use.

What are The Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Laser?

If you have decided to have a laser, there are a few things you should keep in mind before your laser session.

1. The most important thing is that you have chosen the right doctor, that is, the doctor should be well knowledgeable and experienced. Apart from this, the technician who will conduct your laser session should be well-trained.

2. Do not go out in the sun much before your laser session do not tan at all and do not go out in the sun even after the session.

3. Cool the skin properly before and after the session.

What Happens in a Laser Session?

The laser and heating pulse is customized according to your skin and hair. First, the technician prepares your skin (where the laser is to be done) – by shaving the area, and the skin in and around it is cooled completely with an ice pack or gel pack – so that the hot pulse is applied to the exterior. Do not harm the skin. Jelly is then applied to the laser area; With the help of this jelly, the laser probe is able to slide smoothly on the skin. Then shoot the laser on that area. After the session is over, the area is completely cooled with lots of cooling. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen after the session.

Does Laser Treatment Cause Pain?

Since the laser is very hot, sometimes one may feel a slight burning, but it does not cause pain. And if the skin is cooled the right amount before and after the laser session, it becomes numb and nothing is felt. That’s why proper cooling is very important.

How Long Does the Session Take?

The time of the session is decided according to the area of ​​the face like it may take 1-5 minutes in the upper lip, while it will take more time in the area around the cheeks.

How Many Laser Sessions are Needed?

It depends on your skin color, hair color, thickness of hair and laser type. Based on all this, the number of sessions needed is decided.

Does Hair Growth Happen Between Laser Sessions?

Yes, hair growth happens in between sessions. You can shave or wax your hair if you want. But keep in mind that keep a gap of at least 12 days between your laser session and waxing session and if you are shaving then keep a gap of at least 2 days. You must also ask your doctor or technician about this.

What are the things to keep in mind after laser session?

Don’t go out without sunscreen immediately after your laser session and get out in the sun as little as possible. Apart from this, you can do your normal cleansing, moisturizing routine. But do not use treatment products such as anti-acne, anti-aging or chemical-laden makeup for 24-36 hours after a laser session.

Does it have any Side-Effects?

Sometimes one may experience itching, redness and swelling, but it gets better in 1-2 days on cooling the skin or after applying anti-inflammatory lotion by the doctor. In very rare cases, someone has serious problems like blisters or skin discoloration.

How much does a laser cost?

The price is different for everyone and it depends on many things like – size of the area where you want to get the laser done, how long does a session of treatment take, how many sessions are needed etc. so anything Ask your doctor about everything well in advance before making a decision.

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