Know What is Language of Apology and Ways of Apologizing

Know What is Language of Apology and Ways of Apologizing

If you do something bad or annoy someone, then you apologize to them in the end. For most of us that’s right and we move on. But have you ever thought that maybe your partner is expecting something more and something more than I am sorry should be done and because of this the feeling of heartfelt apology is different.

The language of apology is also like the language of love but there is only one difference in it that in the language of love we show our love towards a person and similarly in the language of apology we show our love towards the other person Apologize. Let us tell you here that the language of apology became famous when Gary Chapman and counselor Jennifer Thomas wrote a book on it, Five Languages ​​of Apology with Jennifer Thomas. According to him, there are 5 languages ​​of apology, which include expressing Regret, accepting responsibility, apologizing from the heart, requesting for apology and doing restitution.

To Express

Actually, in such a situation, you try to apologize to the person whom you have offended or disappointed. In such a situation, you should not say sorry only because it seems that you are not apologizing from the heart. Also, in such a situation, you should not use but, it seems that you are apologizing only superficially. Instead you should say, forgive me because what I said was not true. Or you can also say that I am sorry because I did not listen to you and kept speaking on my own.

Take Responsibility

When you feel the need to express regret and say that you are sorry, it means that you have realized that you have made a mistake. Taking responsibility with words emphasizes this apology language. Admitting your mistakes doesn’t make you hollow or small. To some people, it may seem like your apology is superficial and the whole situation can go south.

Try saying this:

  • I was wrong
  • I should have come early.


Restitution can be difficult. For many people, this is something they have been waiting for. That doesn’t mean they want you to apologize. These types of people “speak louder than words”. While you’re at it, you need to find a right solution for the situation.

Try saying this:

• I’m sorry. I should have solved this by talking to you.
• I feel really bad, how do I fix this mistake?

A Heartfelt Apology

It means that you are sorry for what you did and you want to change your behavior. For some, when someone apologizes to them, they expect a change in behavior, which is not wrong. Don’t make excuses, make changes. This will prove how sincere your apology is and that you legitimately want better things.

Try saying this:

• Can we make a plan so that I can stop doing this?
• Can we talk about this?

Apology Request

The fifth apology language is the one with which you directly make a request for forgiveness. This allows the other person to take the time to process what happened. While some will accept this as a sincere apology, they may still leave room for restoration or some other way to get everything back to normal. It can also be considered as an explicit apology.

Try saying this:

• “Will you please forgive me?”
• I am really sorry. Can we get past this?”

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