Labor Signs in the Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Labor Signs in the Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Labor Signs: A friend of mine had just started her 8 month of pregnancy when she started bleeding lightly along with stomach cramps. He immediately contacted the doctor. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, the doctor immediately got her delivered.

Nowadays, the chances of delivery after full time are also less because doctors give delivery on the given date. But premature delivery can happen in the eighth month. If the delivery is premature, it is believed that it can be harmful to both the baby and the mother and in this case extra precautions have to be taken. But most doctors do not believe so.


You just need to pay attention to some of the labor symptoms in the eighth month like my friend gave so that you can avoid any emergency or risk situation by taking right steps at the right time.

Labor Symptoms in Eighth Month

  • Barely breathe
  • water break
  • baby feeling down
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions
  • loose motion
  • back pain

Labor Signs in the Eighth Month of Pregnancy

We all know that the journey of becoming a mother is not an easy one. From pregnancy to delivery, a woman has to go through many stages and problems. But it is not necessary that the delivery should take place only in the ninth month. It is believed that only 1 in 20 women delivers on time. That is, most of the chances are that the delivery is before or after the time. The following are some of the common symptoms of Labor Signs in the 8th month:


1. Difficulty breathing

In the eighth month, the physical development of the baby has taken place. In such a situation, the size of the woman’s uterus also increases so that her baby can get enough space in the uterus. The enlargement of the uterus puts pressure on the pregnant woman‘s lungs and can make breathing difficult. If this is happening to you too, then understand that the time of delivery is near.


2. leak from breast

In the eighth month, milk is produced in the breasts of the pregnant woman, although it may be yellowish and thick. If your delivery time is near, this yellowish substance may come out of your breasts.

3. Persistent back pain

Due to the increase in the size and weight of the baby, the mother’s stomach enlarges, which also puts pressure on her back. This can cause back pain. If in the eighth month you are feeling more pain in the back, then understand that you will be delivered in the coming days.

4. false labor pain

In the eighth month, false labor can be felt as contractions, which are similar to the actual contractions that you experience in labor. Actually, this is the process by which the uterus prepares for the actual labor pain, although there is no need to worry about it. But if this pain is happening for a long time, then you must consult a doctor.

5. weight gain

In the 8 month, the baby is fully developed in the womb, due to which its weight can also range from two to two and a half kilos. Be ready for labor if you feel pressure in your belly and weight increase as well as downwards.

6. baby activities

In the eighth month, the movements of the baby also increase, due to which the baby keeps changing his position, his head is down and the position is down. Be alert if there is an increase in your baby’s movements in the eighth month and more vaginal pressure is felt.

7. Twitch

By the time you reach the 8th month, the destination of your pregnancy is only a few steps away. If you are having abdominal cramps in the eighth month and it looks like it happens during menstruation or gas, then this can also be a sign of early labor.

8. vaginal discharge

It is normal to have white or watery discharge from the vagina in pregnancy, but if you are having yellow or pink or red discharge from your vagina, then you need to consult a doctor, not only if the watery discharge is also happening in excessive amount. If yes, then this is also a sign of childbirth.

9. other signs

In the eighth month, if you have to go through conditions like frequent diarrhea, vomiting or nausea, it can also be a sign of early labor.

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What preparations should be done at the beginning of the 8th month

1. Mental and physical preparation

As you enter the eighth month, remember that labor can happen at any time now. So don’t wait for the ninth month to start and plan your delivery well in advance. Your doctor may tell you in advance whether your delivery will be normal or caesarean. But be prepared for it both mentally and physically.

2. Pack a bag

Get your bag ready for the hospital in the eighth month itself. Put in it everything that may be needed before and after delivery. Put your, baby’s clothes and other essentials in it. Make a list first and collect and pack things accordingly. You can take help of an experienced person.

3. Don’t forget to get help

Childbirth and the aftermath are the times when you need other people’s help. In the eighth month, already in the eighth month, call those people whom you have full faith in and who are ready to help you at this time. Along with this, note down the numbers of doctors, hospitals, ambulances etc.

4. Don’t stress

In the late stages of labor, it is natural to feel stressed and anxious thinking about labor and later life. But do not take stress because during this time stress can prove to be harmful for you. For this, exercise, eat well and healthy and think positive. Soon your responsibilities are going to increase. So think about fulfilling future plans and enjoy this golden time of pregnancy to the fullest.

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