Krishna Famous Temples in India

Krishna Famous Temples in India

Krishna Famous Temples in India: No one is untouched by the pastimes of Bansi Bajaiya, Raas Rachaiya Murli Manohar. Many places in Hindu mythology and legends will get to hear about the pastimes of Shri Krishna. If these Puranas are to be believed, then every wish of the mind gets fulfilled by the mere sight of Shri Krishna. There are many such temples of Lord Krishna in India which are full of beauty and mysteries. The most famous of which are considered to be ISKCON and Mathura Vrindavan.

It is said that the person who remembers Lord Krishna with full sincerity, all his wishes are fulfilled. There are many temples of Lord Shri Krishna in India, where there is always an influx of devotees. There are also some Krishna temples which are famous all over the world. The most famous festival of Shri Krishna is Krishna Janmashtami, which is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in India. On this occasion, you can also share Shri Krishna Janmashtami Quotes and Status to your friends and relatives who know you. So let us tell you about the temples of Krishna on the occasion of this Shri Krishna Janmashtami, where you must visit once.

Krishna Famous Temples in India

  1. Jagannathapuri Temple – Shree Jagannatha Temple
  2. Prem Mandir Vrindavan
  3. Iskcon Temple, Vrindavan
  4. Dwarkadhish Temple

Jagannathapuri Temple – Shree Jagannatha Temple

There are innumerable temples of Lord Krishna all over India, where there is always an influx of devotees. But some of these temples are very special, where Shri Krishna festival is celebrated with great pomp. Among these is the Jagannath Temple. In Indian Puranas, Jagannath Puri has been described as the Vaikunth of the earth. Jagannath Temple is known to foreign countries. Visiting here considers the most important thing in their lives. Located in the coastal city of Puri in the state of Odisha, Ya temple is counted as one of the Char Dham of Hindus. Annual Rath Yatra is taken out here. Everyone must visit here once.

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Whenever we talk about the temples of Shri Krishna, the name of Prem Mandir of Vrindavan always comes. The grandeur and beauty of the temple is worth seeing. Coming here you will feel the devotion of Krishna color. The decoration of the temple is worth seeing during the night, there are colorful decorations all around. This temple has been built by Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj as a temple of Lord Krishna and Radha. It is said that those who do devotion to Krishna definitely come here twice a year to have darshan.

Iskcon Temple, Vrindavan

The famous ISKCON temple, Vrindavan, popularly known as Krishna Balaram Temple, was constructed in the year 1975. Here you will often see devotees singing and dancing in devotion to Krishna in their fun. This will get you quite a crowd of devotees. This is a Hindu temple located in Vrindavan of Mathura city. It is believed to be the grandest of all the temples in Vrindavan. You will get peace of mind by coming here.

Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple is located in Gujarat. It is also known as Jagat Mandir. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Here Dwarkadhish, or the ‘King of Dwarka’, is worshiped in the form of Lord Krishna. Dwarkadhish Temple located in Dwarka, Gujarat, India is also famous for its grandeur. Here the main temple of the 5-storey building, supported by 72 pillars, is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir. According to archaeological reports, the temple is about 2,300- 2,500 years old, with the temple being expanded in the 15th-16th centuries.

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