Know when your wedding will take place? Only one yoga horoscope will disappear

Know when your wedding will take place?

Many adults have a question in their mind about when my marriage will take place. It is natural for parents to start looking for their son or daughter as they get older. Despite their best efforts, even when the bride’s place is not available, parents are worried about when marriage yoga is in their destiny. So one also thinks that marriage is yoga or not.

There are obstacles in marrying a person who has a union of 4 planets in one cell in his horoscope as well as choosing a happy marriage. When Jupiter is strong, Venus is strong, Mars is strong or Rahu is strong in the horoscope, then a person gets married at the right age. But if it is weak then marriage yoga is delayed. If there is no Vairagya Yoga in Kundli, then marriage must take place.

Marriage does not take place if the body is in sinful yoga

For example, suppose a person has a Gemini marriage. Now in Gemini marriage horoscope if a person has Saturn of Cancer and Ketu of Taurus then Dehasthan comes between two sin planets Saturn and Ketu. So such a person does not find a suitable partner. She often remains single.

If the seventh is Jupiter

Even if Jupiter is seventh in the horoscope, a person often stays away from marriage. The seventh guru makes a person very adulterous. It is not good for a person to be with someone. As a result he stays away from getting married. In many cases, if the guru is good, he does not commit adultery but gives a waving mind in the choice of husband or wife. Doing this good or that good is not enough. Age passes. The person does not get married.

Know when your wedding will take place?

Often a person has no special interest in marriage if more than one planet in the horoscope is elevated or ascended by the transformation of the planets. The person is more interested in spirituality or more interested in politics.

When does the marriage take place?

When Jupiter passes through Dehasthan in the natal horoscope or Jupiter passes through the seventh planet Karak planet or in any way it is related, then it also gets the force of Mars, then the marriage of a person takes place at that time. For marriage, it is very important for the Guru to have a relationship with the owner of the seventh place or the factor of the seventh place. Inevitably marriage yoga takes place when Gochar’s guru forms a relationship with him.

For example, in the marriage horoscope, the Guru of the pasture passes through the marriage. He sees in the seventh place. So it is considered marriage yoga for an unmarried young woman or young man who has such a marriage. Also suppose someone’s horoscope is Gemini marriage. He is the fifth Guru of Tula. Jupiter becomes the owner of its seventh place. So love marriage of such a person during Tula’s Jupiter is considered yoga. Because the owner of the seventh place goes through the fifth place of love. Also, if Venus or Mars is seen from Jupiter in his horoscope at this time, then marriage is certain. So in the horoscope of this Gemini married person, if Venus is in the eleventh and Mars is in the marriage, then both of them are seen from the Guru of Libra. So marriage yoga is done for such a person during this thirteen month period.

Thus marriage does not take place in the pasture unless the Guru is associated with the seventh place or with the seventh place factor.

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