Kitchen Astro Tips: Special Astrological Remedies related to Kitchen

Kitchen Astro Tips: Special Astrological Remedies related to Kitchen

Kitchen Astro Tips: The kitchen of the house has been given a very important place in astrology. It is believed that every item kept in the kitchen is directly related to the planets and if kept at the right place and used in the right way, then the planets do not do evil and the planets are pleased and give auspicious results.

Kitchen Astro Tips: Special Astrological Remedies related to Kitchen

By doing some astrological remedies related to the things kept in the kitchen, not only the problems of the house go away, but also the way of progress of the house opens. Let us know about those measures –

1. Keep in mind that there should never be a situation of running out of rice in the house. Fill the box before the rice runs out. Rice is related to the planet Venus. If Venus is malefic, then unrest increases in the house.

2. The housewives should face east while cooking. This keeps their health good.

3. To get rid of tension or trouble in the house, apply turmeric on the pan in the kitchen every night before sleeping.

4. According to astrology, turmeric is related to Lord Jupiter. That’s why donate turmeric to someone. By doing this, Gurudosh is felt.

5. Mustard oil is believed to be associated with the planet Saturn. That’s why don’t donate mustard oil to anyone and don’t keep its box empty.

6. Never keep the pan or griddle upside down and if you keep it upside down then cover it with a cloth to avoid stress or trouble in the house.

7. To remove tension or trouble in the house, rub an earthen lamp on a griddle and cover the earthen layer of that griddle with black paper and bury it in the ground away from the house.

8. To remove stress or crisis in the house, sprinkle a little raw milk on the griddle before making roti in the morning.

9. To remove tension or distress in the house, it is most important that the use of broken utensils should be avoided. Keep the whole unbroken pan in the kitchen.

10. If you keep a mirror or mirror in the kitchen, it is said to be inauspicious. This increases tension in the house.

11. Never go to the kitchen early in the morning and see the knife. First of all, if possible, see water.

12. Turmeric is considered very auspicious. According to astrology, turmeric should never be donated, otherwise there may be Gurudosh at home.

13. Also note that the Pooja room should never be in the kitchen. Because many types of food are made in it which is not considered pure.

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