Tips to Engage Your Kids with Fun Activities to Reduce Their Screen Time

Tips to Engage Your Kids with Fun Activities to Reduce Their Screen Time

We use them a lot to get updates on new things, stay in touch with friends and family, shop and play. Nowadays children have also started using mobile phones or laptops to take classes online. However, looking at all these aspects, a question always arises in our mind that how much time children should spend on different types of electronic devices. know Tips to Engage Your Kids with Fun Activities to Reduce Their Screen Time.

In today’s technology driven world, it is very important to expose our children to these fun and new technologies, but parents need to keep in mind that their child is completely on screen to justify their behavior. Don’t be dependent. People already used to spend unlimited time on electronics gadgets, but due to the epidemic, it has increased further. To keep your child busy, you would never want him to spend too much time staring at the screen. Being too dependent on technology affects your child’s development. We all want our children to spend minimum time on mobile or laptop but it is not easy in today’s world full of gadgets. That’s why we, with the help of Shobhita Singh, Direct, Stone Sapphire India Pvt Ltd, bring you some fun tips to help them control their kids’ screen time.

Take Your Kids Closer to Nature

One of the best ways to reduce screen time is to take your child out of the house and help them get closer to nature and connect with it. Introduce your children to the things around them. Give children the freedom to play in the water, enjoy the sun, have fun in the dust. Tell them how much pleasure comes from playing in the mud, making toys out of clay, catching insects from the pond and lying on the ground.

Inculcate The Habit of Reading or Telling Stories in Children

Storytelling is an exceptional option to reduce screen time. Children get to learn a lot from books. In this, parents can also help their children, they should choose such books which the child is interested in reading. Reading books encourages language formation, the power of imagination and also helps in understanding various concepts and feelings.

Create a Special ‘Play Box’

The main reason behind making this is the challenge in keeping children away from the screen because they think that nothing can be better and more enjoyable than a mobile or computer. Creating a play box is a great way to keep kids away from devices. While making the box, we have to keep in mind the preferences of the children so that they can have a lot of fun while playing with it. Let your child choose their favorite toys and then put them in the play box. By doing so, parents can stimulate their child’s mind. They can ask them questions to identify their favorite toys. Follow this suggestion to grab the attention of the kids. This will help keep them away from the screen.

Encourage Them to Be Imaginative

If you want to promote the mental and holistic development of your child, then take them into the world of imagination. Forbid children to always be on the screen and to confine themselves to themselves. Give a bigger canvas to their imaginations. When kids imagine that they’re doctors or they create their own characters and stories with their dolls and little figurines, they really use their creativity, their Inspire the mind and give wings to your imagination.

Having A Good Time with Child

Spending time with family affects the screen time as well as the mind of the child. Go for a walk with your child, play brain-stimulating. There are many toys available nowadays, which you can play with your kids and spend a good time with them. Play simple board toys with the kids. Inspire them to draw pictures besides playing with the sand pendulum. The play of jumping over the number line can be a lot of fun. By doing this you can spend a good time with your child and you also get a chance to talk to your child. If you want to take your child’s attention off the screen, then there can be no better way than to talk to them on the topics of their choice.

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If you think that you will completely wean your child from gadgets in just one day then it is impossible. With the help of the above mentioned methods, you can convert your child’s screen time into play time, surely it will be very helpful in making them think of new things on their own. Along with this, their emotional development will also happen. | Get latest news 2022 & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.