Just like listening to music during pregnancy makes the baby’s brain, learn more about its benefits

music during pregnancy makes the baby's brain

Just like listening to music during pregnancy makes the baby’s brain: Music is a good and easy way to fix mood and reduce stress. Music has healing power. That is why music therapy has been used since ancient times to treat many physical and mental disorders.

Music in Pregnancy

It is said that listening to music during pregnancy improves the intellectual, physical, practical and emotional development of the unborn child. It is believed that music can be heard in the third month of pregnancy. But she starts reacting to noise in the third month of pregnancy. From the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy, the baby’s ears begin to develop. By the 18th week the baby starts listening and then he starts to improve his sensitivity to sound every day.

At 25 to 27 weeks of pregnancy, the baby begins to respond to outside noises. Gradually the child begins to recognize him by listening to the voices of the people in and around him.

Improving Baby’s Moment

Even a baby in the womb can hear music. When the child hears the vibration, he starts trying to move with his tune. This can improve the baby’s reflexes and reactions. Music reaches the child in the form of rhythmic sound waves. The child pays attention to it, which stimulates his cognitive skills and auditory senses. It is considered very good for the development of the child’s brain.

music during pregnancy makes the baby's brain

Stress is reduced

Pregnancy is also very stressful and many women even get anxious. Women are also under stress due to changes in the body and concerns over the health of the baby. Music in Teva can help reduce your stress. Music also gives comfort to the child. This is an effective way to reduce stress during pregnancy.

The child’s personality

It is believed that the type of music one hears in a pregnant woman can have a direct effect on the child’s personality. Like if you listen to light music, the child becomes quiet. And the child becomes devilish and angry when he hears loud and noisy music. However no research has been done to substantiate this.

How long to listen to music in pregnancy

Anything can do more harm than good. Music should not be listened to for more than an hour during pregnancy. If you are keeping headphones on your stomach, do not keep them for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

If the song is playing on the speaker, you can listen to the song all day at normal volume. Take special care that the baby in the womb sleeps for a long time. That’s why music shouldn’t make his sleep worse. Listening to too much music can worsen a child’s sleep patterns.

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