Explained: What does Joe Biden as new US president mean for India

Joe Biden as new US president mean for India

Democratic candidate Joe Biden created history on Saturday as he flipped three major states to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump to be elected as the 46th US President. 

Biden’s election to the top post in the US is been watched closely by Indians and that’s why it is important to know what does Biden’s presidency means for India.

Their is no denying the fact that many Indians wanted Biden to win the US presidential election 2020 because he chose Kamala Harris, an Indian-origin American woman, to be the Vice President of his government. 

It is to be noted that Biden, even when he was Vice President in the Barack Obama administration, had also advocated that he wanted a stronger relationship with India.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained a very good relations with Trump, it is expected that with Biden becoming the new president of the US, New Delhi’s relation with Washington would become more transparent and solid.

H-1B Visa System

Biden, 77, had repeatedly maintained during his election campaign that his administration will reform the H-1B visa system by eliminating the restrictions on employment-based green cards for Indians. It means that Biden may reverse Trump’s policy that blocked Indian immigration to the US.

US-China versus India-China relations

Joe Biden is yet to clarify his stand on India-China border issue, While some of his advisors want the new president to take an aggressive approach against China just like Trump but there are many who believe that it is very tough for Biden to disentangle the US and Chinese economies. 

Human rights

Experts maintain that human rights issues will definitely remain one of the top priorities of Biden administration. 


Biden is likely to reach out to Indian-Americans while addressing the issue of terrorism. Experts maintain that Biden will definitely work closely with India in order to address the issue of terrorism. Biden’s administartion may also continue to put pressure on Pakistan to stop allowing terrorists to use its soil to promote terrorism.

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