Japanese People Fitness Secret Tips

Japanese People Fitness Secret Tips

Japanese people are counted among the healthiest and fittest people around the world. The lifestyle of the Japanese (People Fitness Secret Tips) is considered to be very systematic and they are very careful about their health. Today, where the problem of obesity remains the problem of every other country, in such a situation, Japan is emerging as an inspiration for people all over the world. We have come to know that according to a research, the obesity rate in Japan is only about 3% as against the obesity rate of about 35% in America. Less than a quarter of Japan’s population meets the criteria for obesity. Simply put, almost people here are not fat and remain absolutely slim-trim fit.

Japanese People Fitness Secret Tips

Yes, perhaps you will be surprised to know that the people of Japan do not waste money nor time in gym and workout etc. to stay fit. Despite this, he remains very fit. You may be surprised by this, but the people of Japan never spend money to stay fit. In such a situation, it is bound to arise in your mind that what is such a magical mantra that the Japanese adopt and look absolutely fit and fine even without any workout. So let’s know about the fitness secret of Japanese.

Japanese People Fitness Secret Tips

#Japanese Fitness Secret No.1 – Walking

You must have heard this thing that the one who walks everyday and is always on the move. The biggest reason for people to stay fit in Japan is their daily walking habit. They mostly use public transport to go to market, school, office. We have learned that a Japanese men and women walks about 6500 steps in a day. On the one hand, men between the ages of 20 and 50 walk at least 8000 steps a day. At the same time, women in the age group of 20 to 50 walk 7000 steps. There people have less vehicles, instead they consider walking more comfortable and better. Even he never likes to use any kind of transport for 2-3 kms. Due to this habit of walking daily, he stays fit and he lives a healthy life till a long life.

#Japanese Fitness Secret No.2 – Eating Less Than Hunger

Eating less than hunger means not eating full of stomach but eating to the fullest. Japanese people only fill their stomachs by 80%. There is a very popular saying in Japanese. “Hara Hachi Bu” which means not full of stomach. This idea encourages Japanese people to eat protein in small portions. Whether it is lunch or dinner, the Japanese take special care that until their stomach is not filled up to 80 percent, then they stop eating. But we do the reverse and eat till the stomach is full. But the method “Hara Hachi Bu” is the right one.

#Japanese Fitness Secret No.3 – Don’t sit idle

Even after working for a while, we get tired and immediately lie down on the bed. But this method is very risk for our health. The people of Japan do not like to sit idle at all. They have a habit of doing something or the other. Even if nothing works, they keep on cleaning. Overall, he tries to be active throughout the day. Even there is no provision for retirement at the age of 60. People remain active even in their old age and keep working for a living.

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