When did Internet Come in India For Complete Information

When did Internet Come in India For Complete Information

When did Internet Come in India: Nowadays all of us use internet. Rather say that today internet has become an integral part of our life. But have you ever wondered how internet started and when internet come in India. Come on, no problem, you have come to this article using the Internet to know that when was the first Internet started in India? So let’s first know who invented the Internet and when?

Who invented The Internet?

Friends, the search of the Internet had started in the year 1962 when MIT. Scientist of J.C.R. Licklider and Robert Taylor proposed the creation of a “Galactic Network“. In this it was proposed to create a network to transmit information from one computer to another. After working continuously for many years, in 1965, scientists devised a way to send information from one computer to another, which was named “Packet Switching“.

This technology was first introduced by the US Department of Defense ARPA, due to which it was first named “ARPANET“. In this technique, the Network Control Protocol was used to connect one computer to another computer.

The Internet we use today uses TCP / Internet Protocol. This protocol technique was discovered in 1974 by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. Who is called the father of the Internet today.

When did internet come in India?

Internet was started in India on 14th August 1995 but it was made public on 15th August 1995 by “Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited” (VSNL). Then the Internet was used to exchange important information and its speed was only 8-10 kbps.

When the internet was started in India, only 20-30 computers were connected to it and the cost of internet connection was also very high, and the monthly cost of internet of 9-10 kbps speed was around 500-600 rupees, which was around RS It was too much for the time.

When internet came in India, it was based on 1G technology which gave internet speed of 9-10 KBPS. But gradually the technology developed and from 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G, the use has also started in the country. Although 5G services have not been fully operational in our country yet, but soon it will reach every corner of India.

In today’s time, internet has reached in the hands of every person and from studies to business, medicine, technology, government works etc. Internet is being used.

There was a time when computer and wire internet connection was required to run the internet but today the technology has developed so much that today we can run the internet from our mobile to LCD TV without any wire or with the help of WIFI.

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