How To Increase Breast Milk – Ways To Increase Breast Milk

How To Increase Breast Milk – Ways To Increase Breast Milk

Just as it is a pleasant feeling for a woman to be a mother, similarly breastfeeding a child also gives her a special pleasure. But with many women, there is a problem of low milk production in the breasts, due to which they get nervous. That’s why in the article How To Increase Breast milk, we will tell you the ways to increase breast milk.

A woman giving milk to her child is equivalent to giving her life. About 1 hour after delivery, when a woman breastfeeds her baby for the first time, the color of that milk is yellow. This milk is very important for the child, which works to increase his immunity. But sometimes a woman’s breasts do not produce enough milk.


That’s why women get into thinking that how to increase milk in their breasts. It is said that after the birth of the child, when the mother feeds him for the first time, then an Emotional Relation starts between the child and the mother. But the lack of milk in the breasts creates stress in women, due to which the milk becomes more and less.

We will tell you here how to increase mother’s milk, but before that it is also important to know that what are the reasons for less milk production in the breasts. What is the reason that many women have to face the lack of breastmilk. In women, the problem of low milk production arises due to the following reasons.


1. Certain hormones play a big role in the production of sufficient amount of milk in breasts. But when there is a deficiency or imbalance in the secretion of these hormones, then the milk starts to become less and less. In such a situation, it is necessary to take measures to increase the milk of the mother.

2. Lack of milk glands also creates the problem of lack of milk in the mother. Every woman’s breasts are different. Many times the breasts of women do not develop properly because the amount of Milk Glands that should have been made could not be made. In such a situation, there will be less milk production.


3. If a woman has a particular disease, then due to that the production of milk also decreases. Such as increase of progesterone, enlargement or occurrence of thyroid, cancer or any other serious disease cause problems in making breastmilk.

4. Women who refuse to breastfeed their child and do not breastfeed the child especially at night, then the production of milk decreases. The Milk Storage Capacity of every woman’s breast is different. If the woman does not breastfeed the baby at night, the milk gets stored in the breast itself. Due to which the secretion of hormones gradually starts decreasing.

5. If you are looking for ways or home remedies to increase milk in the breasts, then first of all pay attention to your food. Pregnant woman and even after becoming a mother, you need nutritious food.

Some women ignore the health of the child for their own taste. To increase the quantity of milk, you have to eat nutritious food every time so that you get complete nutrition.

So these were due to less milk production in the breasts of women, due to which reduction in breastmilk is common. But it is very important to remove this problem, because the health of the child is very important. Mother’s milk is the best for the proper development of the baby. Let us now tell you how women increase milk in their breasts.

How To Increase Breast Milk – Ways To Increase Breast Milk

1. Breastfeed The Child Frequently

The best way to increase breastmilk is to breastfeed the child again and again. Feed milk alternately from both the breasts. This is a great remedy for women who have less milk production in the beginning, which really works.

The reason for this is that if the breasts are empty early, then the secretion of milk-producing hormones starts increasing in women. Due to which the quantity of milk gradually increases. Therefore, at least in the beginning do not hesitate to breastfeed the child.

2. Take Nutritious Food and Take Adequate Rest

Many women have very little diet or they eat unhealthy things due to which there is a problem of less milk production. From when a woman is pregnant, she is given nutritious food and is allowed to sleep well, then later this problem does not arise.

Well, now if this problem has happened with you, then include some such things in your diet which work to increase milk. Every time your food should be full of nutrients. Some women do not let the child sleep properly at night, due to which they go under stress. You have to avoid this thing and do not take stress.

3. Milk of Almond, Date and Saffron

If you are wondering how to increase milk in breasts as soon as possible after delivery, then use almonds and dates for this. Take 7 to 8 almonds and the same number of dates, soak them in water overnight.

In the morning you have to prepare a special drink. First remove the skin of the almonds and remove the seeds of the date palms. Now mix these two and grind them well. When it becomes like a paste, then add some saffron and mix it.

After that you have to drink this paste mixed with 1 glass of lukewarm milk. If you want, you can also add some ginger juice to it. This makes this recipe for increasing milk more effective. By consuming this drink regularly, you will get very good results.

4. Use of Fenugreek Seeds

According to Ayurveda, the treatment of increasing milk from fenugreek seeds has been going on since ancient times. If you want to take measures to increase mother’s milk, then you will not find a better home method than this. If you want, you can also use fenugreek leaves.

You can eat it as a vegetable, make parathas or drink the juice of its leaves. Fenugreek contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Beta Carotene which work to increase milk in the breasts.

5. Consume Oats

It is believed that by consuming Oats, Breastmilk Increase. If you want, you can eat Oatmeal chapatis or you can eat it by making porridge. It is a very nutritious food item which contains many important nutrients.

By eating oats in breakfast, you get a good amount of energy. Apart from this, there is plenty of fiber in it, due to which your digestive system remains correct. It is very easy to digest and increases your metabolism, which causes hunger and increases milk in the breasts.

6. Consumption of Carrots

Regular consumption of carrots not only improves the quality of milk, but it is also helpful in increasing the quantity of milk. Vitamin A is found in it, which is considered very good for any woman after delivery.

You can eat carrots raw as a salad or you can also drink its juice. Apart from this, you can also eat carrot vegetable by making it. But our advice to you is that you should eat carrots raw as a salad. Mother’s milk is a good way to increase.

7. Cow’s Milk

It is true that if you drink milk yourself, then your breastmilk will be made in more quantity. If you want to know how to increase mother’s milk, then you must drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of milk every day. That too not of buffalo but of cow. Because in this case cow’s milk is more beneficial.

It contains nutrients like Protein, Healthy Fat, Calcium and Folic Acid which increase the amount of milk in the breasts. If you do not like simple milk, then you can drink it by adding some honey or saffron etc. Trust me it will prove to be very beneficial for you.

8. Shatavari Increases Milk

Shatavari is such an Ayurvedic herb or medicine that has been used for 100 of years. If you want, you can take any supplement of asparagus or you can use it in vegetables etc.

Shatavari is one such herb that activates those hormones which work to increase the milk of the mother. If you consume it continuously for 10 days, you will see amazing results. But before using it, please consult a doctor once.

9. Consumption of Green Vegetables

If you are wondering how to increase milk in breasts after becoming a mother, then the woman should consume vegetables more and more. Especially consuming green vegetables increases the amount of milk.

From green vegetables like spinach, gourd, bitter gourd, peas, radish leaves and broccoli etc., the woman will get a lot of vitamins and minerals which are helpful in increasing milk. Green vegetables must be consumed at least once a day. Do it in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

10. Consumption of Sesame

If you want to take measures to increase the milk of the mother, then definitely try this recipe. Sesame seeds have been used since time immemorial to increase milk in the breasts. If you want, you can also use sesame oil in making vegetables. You will get a lot of calcium by consuming sesame seeds.

Regular consumption of sesame will not only increase milk, but also the physical and mental development of the child will be done properly. If you do not want to use sesame oil, then you can make sesame Papad or laddus. Consuming sesame seeds for 10 days will make a big difference.

11. Lentils and Soybeans

Many women also use lentils and soybeans to increase milk. Not only this, they also get very good results from it. It is said that soybean also works well in increasing the milk of buffalo, then what is a woman.

Include lentils in your diet regularly. With this you get excellent nutrition like Protein, Vitamins and Minerals. Apart from this, soak 50 grams of soybeans in the evening and consume them after taking out its water in the morning.

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These were some of the best ways to increase breast milk and home remedies that will help you get out of this problem. But we would like to say here that even if you are not getting good results from all these things, then you may have this problem due to some disease.

There are many such diseases due to which milk production starts in women. Whether it is due to hormonal disturbances or due to any other disease. Therefore, in such a situation, we advise you to take the advice of a doctor. Because the doctor will be able to understand your problem properly and will be able to treat it.

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