How to Increase Battery life of Laptop – Laptop Battery Charging Tips

How to Increase Battery life of Laptop - Laptop Battery Charging Tips

How to Increase Battery life of Laptop: Laptops are being used in most places today. It has become a tool without which many types of tasks can be done and it can be easily carried anywhere. But the problem occurs when the work is more and the battery low quickly. So that’s why today we are going to share Laptop Battery Life Tips with you. So that you will be able to increase the Laptop Battery Life Cycle.

Be it office, home or shop, laptops are being used everywhere today. But there is also a problem in this, when the laptop battery low out quickly, it has to be charged again and again, which can also damage the laptop. But with the help of today’s post How To Increase Laptop Battery Life, your problem will be solved. So let’s know how to increase laptop battery life? With these methods, you will be able to use your laptop for a long time.

How to Increase Battery life of Laptop

Due to excessive use of laptop, it is not easy to use it all day. For this, the battery life of the laptop has to be increased. Next you will get to know some such ways by which you will be able to increase the battery life of your laptop.

Close Unnecessary Applications

There are many applications in the laptop which are not of much use but they keep running on the back side, which consumes more power, so turn off all the applications using Task Manager features. This will increase the battery of the laptop and the performance of the system will also be good.

Update Software And Drivers

Windows software and drivers should always be kept up to date. This will increase the life of the battery as well as your system will also work well.

Do Not Multitasking

Sometimes it happens that we are doing many things at the same time. This also makes a difference on battery life, such as listening to songs or any other work while surfing. This drains the battery quickly, so do only one thing at a time.

Turn Off WIFI And Bluetooth

Whenever you don’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi working, keep it off. If you are not using it then it can low your laptop battery.

Do Not Over Charging

If you charge the laptop more than 100% then it also reduces the battery of your laptop. So whenever the laptop is 100% charged, remove the charger.

Don’t Use Another Charger

Many times we charge the laptop with some other charger, which also affects the battery. Each laptop has a different configuration. Charging a laptop with a high-powered charger increases heat in the battery and damages the battery. Charging with a low power charger can reduce the power performance of the battery.

Adjust Battery Setting

This is the best way to reduce the power consumption of laptop battery. Utilize it properly by adjusting the battery setting.

Increase System RAM

If the RAM of the system is less then it also takes more time to do any task and the more time it takes, the more the battery will be spent. So in such a situation, increase the RAM of the system and use good RAM.

Use Hibernate Mode

Keeping the system in Hibernate Mode consumes more power. So go to Control Panel and go to Power Settings, after which set the system in Hibernate Mode.

How to Charge Laptop Battery

Charging a laptop battery is easy. But if the battery is not charged properly then the battery starts low quickly, so charge it properly.

Choose the right place

Charge the laptop by keeping it in a place where there is not much moisture or heat. Space is most important for charging a laptop. The adapter gets very hot while charging which can even burn the adapter. So the place should be such that it is not too hot.

Replace battery over time

Replace your old battery after a time because gradually the power capacity of the battery also decreases.

Check charging cable

Keep checking the laptop charging cable every 2-3 months. If there is a slight cut in it, then there may be a short circuit in the cable while charging the laptop.

Don’t let the battery low

Many people do this by using the laptop battery until it is completely exhausted. Keep using it when the battery is up to 2-3 percent. Whatever can damage the battery of the laptop, then charge it whenever the battery is up to 50%.

Laptop Battery Price

Laptops are of different brands and companies. That’s why their batteries also come differently and because of this, everyone’s price is also different. Laptop Battery Price also depends on their brand. Talking about its starting price, it can start from Rs.1,500 and go up to Rs.5,000 or more.

How to Remove laptop battery

To remove the old laptop battery and install a new battery, follow the steps given below.

  • Unplug Laptop – If the laptop is plugged in, then unplug it first.
  • Disconnect Laptop – Disconnect the power cable.
  • Turn Your Laptop – Now turn the laptop.
  • Locate The Battery Latch – Locate the Battery Latch on the bottom of the laptop.
  • Slide The Latch Switch – Slide the Latch Switch on the Opposite Side and take it out slowly.

So in this way you can remove the battery of your laptop.

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In this way friends, by follow these methods, you can improve the battery life of your laptop. These methods will also help you in improving the performance of your laptop. So share this post with your friends too so that they will also help in increasing the battery life of the laptop. And if you have any question related to this post, then do ask by commenting. So see you with a new post for which you have to stay connected on RNkhabri, Thanks! | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.