How to Increase AdSense CTR – Ways to Increase AdSense CTR

How to Increase AdSense CTR – Ways to Increase AdSense CTR

Even after putting AdSense ads on their blog, due to low CTR, people who are not able to earn well, they are worried about how to increase their AdSense CTR. So in our article How To Increase AdSense CTR, we are going to tell you.

Everyone knows that after CPC, AdSense Page CTR is the only important thing that can reduce or boost AdSense earnings. The higher the CTR (Click Through Rate), the higher will be your earning. That’s why people keep thinking that how to increase their AdSense CTR.

We have already given details about CTR in one of our posts. If you have not read that post, then definitely read it because it has been told very well that what is CTR and how it is calculated. Here we are giving the link of that post.

The Hindi bloggers were already worried about the low CPC, now the closure of Link Ads has completed. After the closure of Link Ads, it is as if the evening of Hindi bloggers has come. Earning Down has gone up to at least 40 to 50% of every bloggers.

The main reason for this is the lack of clicks, that is, the CTR is very low. Earlier, whenever anyone was asked how to increase their AdSense CTR, everyone used to advise that you put Link Ads, your CTR will increase. Actually this used to happen.

A lot of clicks used to be received as soon as the link ads were placed, due to which the CTR used to almost double from before. But now what to do to increase your AdSense CTR? Because now Google has completely retired Link Ads, they are not going to come back.

On Hindi blogs, a mountain of troubles has broken, because most of the Hindi bloggers do not write on any one topic. They make many categories and write whatever comes to mind. Meaning most of the Hindi Blogs are Multiniche Blogs on which the problem of low CTR remains more.

Everyone knows that CPC is rarely available on Hindi Blogs, because we have no control over the CPC we get from AdSense. But by increasing the Page CTR, we used to boost our Earnings a little bit, now that too has become very difficult.

People are unable to understand how to increase AdSense CTR of their Hindi Blog. Only the old bloggers are very worried about this thing, then what is the board of the new bloggers. They just keep thinking that is it now possible to improve CTR even without Links Ads?

Yes, it is absolutely possible, we can still increase our Page CTR. But now we have to work harder and smarter than before. Earlier the CTR used to increase only by paying attention to 1-2 things. But now after the closure of Link Ads, we have to focus on many things.

Only then we will be able to see a significant change in our CTR and that too will not be as much as before. But let’s not double our CTR directly, but at least one and a half times so that some earning will increase. So let’s look at some important AdSense Page CTR Increasing Tips.

How To Increase AdSense CTR

1. Use Blocking Controls

There is an option in our AdSense by doing Blocking Controls, using which we can increase CTR to a great extent. By using this thing, we can block such ads which are not interesting.

AdSense also has many such advertisers who pay very little money to Google to get their Ad run. Meaning the CPC on these ads is also very low and they do not even attract visitors. Because of which the clicks on them are negligible.

So first of all you have to identify and block such ads. Second, you also have to pay attention to Ads Categories and block such Ad Categories that do not match far and wide from your Blog Topic.

If your blog is of health but most of the ads related to constructions are showing on it, then obviously you will get less clicks and your CTR will remain down. So first of all learn to use Blocking Controls properly.

2. Right Ad Placement is the most important

This point is the most important point and this is the thing that affects your CTR the most. Yes, if your Ad Placement is not correct, then no matter how many ads you put in a post, you will get very few Clicks.

On the other hand, if your Ad Placement is absolutely correct, then using only 4 or 5 Ads in the post also gives very good Clicks. Believe me, you can increase your CTR to a great extent through Ad Placement. You should be aware of this thing that where an ad can be clicked on it.

This is the biggest problem with new bloggers that they do not know where to place ads in their posts. So let us here give information about Best Ad Placement to increase AdSense CTR. Follow this and see the difference in your CTR.

  • 1st Ad – Before Post
  • 2nd Ad – Before Content
  • 3rd Ad – After Paragraph 1
  • 4th Ad – After Paragraphs 20
  • 5th Ad – After Content

That is, there are 5 ads in a post which is enough. After the closure of Link Ads, it is now Display Ads which are performing the best. After that comes the number of In Article, In Feeds and Matched Content Ads.

So our suggestion to you is that you should put Display in 3 places out of these 5 Ads and In Article Ads at the remaining 2 places. Believe me this is the best Ad Placement. You do not need to place any kind of ad on the homepage, it does not earn any kind of earning.

Yes, if your website is eligible for Matched Content Ads, then you can use them “After Post”. These ads increase both your CTR and Revenue. Just keep in mind that now the most effective way to increase AdSense CTR is Ad Placement.

3. Reduce Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate of some people’s blog is very high, due to which their CTR is very low. If you are also worried about how to increase your AdSense CTR, then first of all take a look at your Bounce Rate.

It is certain that the higher the Bounce Rate, the less clicks will come. Due to which the CTR has to be reduced. If the Bounce Rate of your blog is more than 70-75% then you need to work on it.

Interlinking is the most important thing to reduce the bounce rate. In whatever post you publish, also put links to those important posts which are related to that. In this way most of the people will read any of your other post and the bounce rate will be less.

4. Focus on Writing High Quality Content

There are many bloggers who write really bad. They do not have Idea how to clear any topic in an interesting way. They just want to publish their 1000 word post by any means.

Think yourself, what would you do if you were yourself in place of the visitor? Do you not leave that website as soon as possible and go to another website? don’t you go Because no one likes to read such a post in which Khichdi has been cooked.

In which Points have not been explained properly, or in which Grammar Mistakes have been done. Today’s visitors are very intelligent and they stay on the same website for a long time which they find professional. On which High Quality Content is present.

The thing to note is that if visitors will read your post by scrolling to the bottom, otherwise the chances of clicks will also end. Therefore, to increase the engagement of users, put good information on your blog and make the post a little interesting so that your CTR can increase.

5. Increase Traffic on Blog

There are many bloggers whose traffic is not special, yet they are worried about what to do to increase AdSense CTR? Hey brother, first do what is more important than that. Your traffic is between 200 to 300 per day and you are worrying about low CTR.

There is nothing to worry about because everyone knows that as the CTR traffic increases, it automatically improves. If fewer people come to the website, then the clicks will also be less. Therefore, if you want to increase CTR, then focus on increasing your traffic.

First do your traffic 1000 per day at least once. And yes we are talking about Organic Traffic here. Because Organic Traffic has the biggest hand in increasing CTR. Because the man has reached your post by searching in Google, he needs something or the other, only then he has come.

When he sees an ad related to the topic in your post, then he definitely clicks on it and sees it. That is why Organic Traffic plays the most important role in increasing your AdSense CTR. The more organic traffic, the better will be the CTR.

6. Do not create too many categories on Blog

Most of the Indian Hindi Blogs are Multiniche Blogs and CTR on Multiniche Blogs remains almost down. But some people limit themselves, they make 20-25 or more categories on their own blog.

They publish on their blog in all these categories by writing posts on all these topics. So sorry, it is almost impossible to boost CTR on such blogs now. It is okay to create 4-5 categories on a blog, but it is stupid to create so many categories.

Because this confuses AdSense as to what kind of ads should be shown to him in which of your posts. On blogs with too many categories, AdSense starts showing ads that come to mind, due to which very few clicks can come on Ads.

You yourself think if a person has reached your post by searching on Health Keyword, then why would he click on the Finance Ad shown in it? He will click on only those ads which are related to health.

So if you have just started your blog, then keep in mind that do not create too many categories on your blog. If possible, keep writing on only one topic. The more categories you create, the lower will be your CTR and CPC.

These are very important AdSense CTR Increasing Tips and Tricks, by following which you can see the result yourself. This is the reason that Micro niche Blogs leave behind Multiniche Blogs a lot in terms of earning. Because both CPC and CTR are always high on Micro niche Blogs.

7. Do not put too Many Ads

If you want to know how to increase your AdSense CTR, then do not put too many ads on the blog. Many people think that the more ads we put in the post, the more clicks will be there and the earning will be more.

This is a sheer illusion, nothing like this happens, but visitors can also quit your blog immediately due to too many ads. Due to more ads, there is a lot of problem in navigating visitors and understanding the content, due to which they get confused.

This is the reason that most of the visitors leave such blogs and do not like to come to that blog in future also. That’s why always place ads according to your content. Suppose your post is of 1000 words, then put only 4 ads at the most.

So that visitors can see both Ads and Content in a systematic way. If you believe in writing longer posts, then only put up to 5 or 6 ads at most. By applying ads in the limit, your CTR will increase and not by applying too many ads.

8. Keep doing Experiments

Many bloggers like to put ads just like them after seeing the website of any other big blogger. Although it is not wrong to take Idea, but it is not necessary that the same things work for your website as they do for others.

Meaning do not try to copy anyone, because every blog is different. Yes, you can take a little idea about Ad Placement, who has placed ads where and where. Believe it or not, there are many people who say that after installing Auto Ads, both their CTR and Revenue increased.

At the same time, there are many who say that by using both Auto and Manual Ads together, CTR increases and earnings increase. That’s why you have to experiment by putting different types of ads on your blog for a few days. Only then will you know what is best for you.

Try installing Auto Ads on your blog and see the results. After a few days, manually place the ads and see. The third option is of Mix Ads, try using it too and find out which ads performed well for you and increased your CTR.

Many times people keep using very old Ad Units for a long time, due to which the CTR remains very much down. You need to “Archive” your old Ad Units and use them by creating new Ad Units.

This was our article How to Increase AdSense CTR of your Blog – How To Increase AdSense CTR. Hopefully, by following all the CTR Increasing Tips we have told, your AdSense CTR will definitely be boosted.

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