How Can Improve Relationship With Your Mother in Law Tips

How Can Improve Relationship With Your Mother in Law Tips

After marriage, as much coordination has to be made by the new couple (husband and wife), the mother in law also has to do the same hard work. But there is a strange perception in the society regarding the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship. Some people think that the mother-in-law relationship can never be good. Due to this thinking, mutual estrangement starts even without wanting, and relations get sour. The nature of every person is different, so do not be in a hurry to understand the nature of the new members of your new family. Especially don’t create an image about your mother-in-law that you have always been seeing or hearing. Always keep in mind that sometimes you too will become a mother-in-law. That is why from the very beginning try to make good bonding with your mother-in-law and support her throughout life by becoming her daughter-in-law and not daughter. know How Can Improve Relationship With Your Mother in Law Tips.

Mother in Law Tips – Saas Bahu Healthy and Happy Relationship TipsĀ 

Now the time is gone when there used to be ruckus between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, debate over the time of son and husband and tu-tu-main-main. Now the difference is about thinking and timing. Many times, due to this lack of coordination, the tribulation increases and the atmosphere of the house gets spoiled. But this relationship is such that it lasts for a long time. In such a situation, efforts should be made to make this relationship beautiful and not spoil it. Especially the girls who are about to get married or those who have just got married, they must follow these mother-in-law’s relationship rules, so that the sweetness in their relationship is always maintained.


Don’t Have Hopes

Someone has rightly said that expectations always hurt. That’s why the best way to be happy is to expect from yourself, never from others. This rule is also most important in mother-in-law’s relationship. Because only when the expectation is not fulfilled, quarrels and estrangements start. Mother-in-law thinks that daughter-in-law will do this work well and daughter-in-law thinks that mother-in-law will do it well. In such a situation, the heart of both of them hurts when the work is not completed. So do your own work without expecting from each other. Divide the household chores among themselves. There will be no problem doing this. Rather, the relationship between both of you will be better.

Respect is Necessary

Respect or respect is a sign of every good relationship. She is older than you, she has more experience and understanding than you. If you have any problem regarding anything then she can help you in this. Relationships in which there is no sense of respect are often seen mostly in estrangements. Our culture also teaches that we should always respect and respect elders. When there is respect, then no wrong thing will come out of your mouth nor from their side.


Share Things With Each Other

Feelings of the mind and understanding without saying anything are all filmy things. In reality, to make any relationship better, it is necessary to understand each other’s feelings. When you share your things with each other, the relationship will automatically become better. It is often seen that as soon as one year of marriage is completed, the pressure is put on the daughter-in-law to have children. If you do not want to have a child soon or if you are facing any problem, you can share all these things with your mother-in-law. Trust me, she will take your side.

Clear Up Misunderstandings

It is said that half-hearted information always leads to wrong results. That is why do not react immediately without knowing anything or hearing it half-heartedly. This is the biggest reason for mother-in-law’s quarrel. It is possible that you have heard something wrong or you have misunderstood and got angry and said such a thing that everyone would feel bad. When a situation like this comes, do not react immediately above. If someone is talking wrong about you, then go ahead and talk openly about it. Maybe the way you are thinking wrong, in the same way they have also got some misunderstanding. There is only one solution to all this and that is open discussion. Sit face to face and talk openly and know each other’s views on your misunderstandings or bad things done by others. See, by doing this, not only the relationship will be good, but the trust in each other will also deepen.


Consider your Mother

For every girl, her mother is the best mother in the world. But not her mother-in-law. The reason behind this is that we do not consider her as mother. We try to give them mother-in-law’s pain. But this is not to be done. Think girls are so lucky that they get the love of not one but two mothers in their life. If you consider your mother-in-law as your mother, then believe me, you can never get wrong thoughts towards her. And yes, tell your mother-in-law also that she should not call you daughter-in-law, daughter. Then see how the pair of both of you perform.

Try to Understand Their Point of View

Your mother-in-law has seen the time when women were not respected or respected as much as they are in today’s society. To say means freedom. She will talk according to the time she has seen. So it is not right to underestimate them. Because when you become a mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law can also think the same. That is why understand their point of view first, if they do not match with today’s ideology, then tell them about its advantages and disadvantages. Introduce them to today’s society and the outside world. So that they can also update their knowledge and think like you.

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Give Time to This Relationship

Every relationship demands time. Nowadays, most of the daughters-in-law are working. In such a situation, he gets very little time for himself and his family. But in spite of this, you have to try to give time to every relationship. After marriage, every relationship is new in the in-laws’ house and it is not necessary that the beginning of all relationships is happy. But that doesn’t mean that the relationship will never be good. Especially the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. How will you tell them about their attitudes, their likes and dislikes and things about yourself when you can’t even sit with them. Make them your friends and learn to enjoy with them. Do cooking, dancing and gardening together. Make them feel comfortable with you. Even if their heart will be hard, neither will you become wax after seeing such love.

It is not that every human being is perfect. Everyone has some shortcomings. That is why it is better to rectify their faults than to blame others. The mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship is very precious. It is not wise to spoil them because of misunderstandings.

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