Importance of Jewelry, Why does a Woman Wear Jewelry?

Importance of jewelry, Why does a woman wear jewelry?

Importance of jewelry – Jewelry is of special importance to Hindu women. Each jewelry has its own significance. Do you know why a woman wears jewelry? And what is their importance? Know here the interesting context related to these ornaments that tell us the importance of each Jewelry.

Importance of jewelry

Lord Rama broke the bow, Sitaji was being decorated to take seven rounds, so she sat asking her mother, “Why is Mother Shree so adorned?”

“It is necessary for the bride to make 16 adornments at the time of her daughter’s marriage, since the adornment is not done for the bride or groom, it is an integral part of the culture of Aryavarta?” His mother replied.

“That is?” Sitaji asked again, “What is this missi’s relation to Aryavarta?”

“Daughter, wearing missi means that from today you have to stop making excuses.”

“And the meaning of mehndi?”
Applying mehndi means that you have to maintain your redness in the world. ”

“And why did this eye blacken with Kajal?”
”daughter! Applying kajal means that you will always have to keep the water of modesty in your eyes from now on. ”

“Putting Bindiya means Mother?”
“Bindi means that from today onwards you have to give up the mischief and be as bright as the sun.”

“Why this Nath?”
“Nath means that the nath of the mind, that is, will not do evil to anyone after today, will have to curb the mind.”

“And this commentary?”
“Daughter Tika is a symbol of fame, you do not have to do any act that tarnishes the father or husband’s house, because now you are the prestige of two houses.”

“And why this bandhani?”
“Beti bandani means that one has to serve husband, mother-in-law etc.

“Meaning of leaf?”
“The leaf means to maintain your husband, Laj, it is the real jewelry of a woman.”

“Why aphrodisiac?”
“Oh Sita!” Karnaphool means that one will always be happy to hear the praise of others. ”

“And what does this collarbone mean?”
“Hansali means to always be cheerful, to be patient not only in happiness but also in misery.”

“Why Mohanlata?”
“Mohanmala means to keep on doing deeds that fascinate everyone.”

“Also tell the meaning of Naulakha necklace and other jewelry, mother?”
“Daughter Naulakha Haar means that the husband will always have to learn to accept defeat,

Hard means that one has to give up speaking harshly, Bank means that one will always have to lead a simple life, rings means no longer tricking anyone,

Payal means to press the feet of old girls, to honor them because there is a true paradise at their feet and the ring means to always bless the little ones. ”

“Mother Shree then what is my makeup?”
“Daughter, after today, you don’t exist in this world, you are now a shadow of a husband, always be in their happiness and sorrow, that is your makeup and only half your body will complete your shadow.” ”

Sita smiled while saying “Hey Ram!” Probably because after marriage, you will not be able to take the husband’s name from the mouth, because if someone takes his name after being half-faced, what will people say.

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