IIMC Admission – How to Get Admission in IIMC

IIMC Admission – How to Get Admission in IIMC

IIMC is the best option for students who want to pursue a career in the field of journalism. In this institute you are taught every little thing related to journalism. Here you get a chance to work with a good media institute. But it is not easy to take admission here. For this, you have to prepare like this.

How to Get Admission in IIMC – IIMC Admission Form

IIMC Delhi is a very good institute. For this, the exam is conducted approximately in May – June. Diploma and PG – Forms for diplomas come around April. To get admission in this, you have to fill the form, which you will find in www.iimc.nic.in.

The interview is followed by a written test for admission. There is a total test of 100 marks. In which the weightage of the written examination is 85 and the weightage of the interview is 15. First of all there is a written test and then an interview is to be given.

Written Exam

The biggest thing in a written exam is the language to keep in mind. There should be a lot of simplicity and simplicity about the language. Whatever you write, it should be in simple and colloquial language and people can understand it. Avoid writing more cryptic, heavy words.

Read newspapers daily, try to write news, understand them deeply. What is happening, how is happening, where is it happening, who is the reason for it, what is the solution for it and who is benefiting and loss from it. When writing any news in written examination, these things must be mentioned. For this, you will have to learn to read the news, watch the news channel debit, make news of small events around, etc.

You try that when you are giving written exam, you should not write full news in it, but also add a little analysis in it. This will have a different effect on the checker and he will understand that you understand the depth of the news.

To write and make news, you should practice in copy-pen, not laptop.

If you want to get into electronic media, then correct body language, manner of speech, mode of standing etc.


After the written test you are called for an interview. For this, you have to take care of these things.

You should keep complete information about the state from which you come. You should know about the establishment there, the plans of the Chief Minister, the state of the roads, the status of the schemes, the politics of the place, etc. This is often asked in interviews.

Read about what is currently trending the most trending news. About that news, about that event and its solution. Many times trending news is asked.

You can also ask questions related to the field from which you have graduated, that is why you should prepare a little.

Refuse the question that is not answered because it shows confidence in you.

If elections are going on in a state while giving your interview, then go and read about it there because you can be asked.

Put a smile on your face and be happy.

These are the ways by which you can the written exam and interview of IIMC. Trust in yourself and the ability to speak up is what makes a person a better journalist.

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