If You Really Love Someone or Its just an Attraction, Know How to Find out

If You Really Love Someone or Its just an Attraction, Know How to Find out

If you also remember your college days and you think of that one person, seeing whom you thought that you really loved him but later you came to know that he was only an attraction. This is something that happens to most of us but it becomes difficult for us to understand the difference between the two. Because of this, if you are attracted to a person next time and you think that he is love, then with the help of these easy ways, you can also find out whether he is really love or not or just attraction and yourself. can prevent trouble.

Love at First Sight is a Myth

Some of you may not believe this, but the truth is that there is no such thing as falling in love at first sight and it is only attraction. Now to understand it, think of it this way – the first thing you look for in a person would be their looks and you cannot love someone based on their looks. So most of the time when you look at a person and your heart starts beating fast, it means attraction. It takes time to fall in love and you can’t trust the feelings that come from seeing a person.

Love is Synonymous with Care

If the other person’s troubles don’t hurt you but you choose to be around them, then it is obvious that this is just an attraction and nothing more. Love means caring for each other and if you don’t feel like it then it means you don’t love them and no matter how much you want to explain for it. Sometimes people develop fake care for you and pretend that they love you but this is a red flag. Care comes from within and if you want to show off your feelings, it’s nothing but attraction.

When you are Alone you Miss Them

If you are with your friends and you do not think of your special someone even once in your mind and remember them only when you are alone at home, then it clearly means that you have only attraction towards them. Is. If you love someone, then all the time it keeps on roaming in your mind. And if you miss someone only when you are alone or feeling bored then you should think about your feelings because it is only attraction.

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