ICSE vs IB: Difference Between ICSE and IB Board

ICSE vs IB: Difference Between ICSE and IB Board

ICSE vs IB: Here in this article we will describe the factual distinction between the basic facts between two boards of education, namely, ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate), which are under Transaction. With this, you will get all the basic information, what can be the appropriate education board for you, such as questions will also get answers.

A lot of radical changes are being seen in the field of education, to talk about education system, education board is needed to control every type of education system and to run it smoothly. In general, all such education boards are available, which are self-governing and disseminating education with a unique identity.


Secondary education and higher secondary education are the two very important levels of education, and through these levels, many Mandal’s that provide the best type of education are available to date, due to their tireless efforts and skillful functioning today. The scope of education has expanded far and wide.

Difference Between ICSE vs IB Board

Every student is eager to make himself a part of a good and reputed education system, so that in the future, there will be good employment options and to achieve a wide increase in the level of knowledge. For getting admission under the board of education of the world class, it seems as if the horde is engaged between the students.


What is ICSE vs IB Board

ICSE: “Indian Certificate for Secondary Education” is a world-class education board that regulates the secondary level education system, which is different and distinct from all other education boards in India.

However, schools and universities in India and many other countries are providing education system under this division. IB (International Baccalaureate) is also an international level board of education, accepted by school and university by hundreds of countries in the world.


Important notice: There are pros and cons based on the basic parameters of both these education boards, as a sensible parent, it should be your priority to collect more information about these two education boards for your children. Select the appropriate board of education. Ignoring any one of all the criteria can cause a breach of expectation for you, so it would be appropriate to take a slightly prudent decision.

Let us now understand in detail the difference between these two boards of education on the basis of some forgotten facts.

1. On The Basis of Expansion


Under the ICSE Board, there are not many schools in the world as per the assessment, as there are only 3000 schools under this division in the whole world.


The ‘International Baccalaureate Board’ includes many more schools than the ICSE, as in almost 170 countries, the education under this division has expanded to this date and is continuing, The United States has the largest number of schools under this division.

2. On The Basis Of Syllabus

Basically both the educational boards focus on practical and useful education, yet on some special aspects they appear to have a different feature than the other such as.


In the education system under ICSE Board, more emphasis is given on strengthening English literature and languages, these include spatial and other languages ​​apart from English, in addition to ICS. The syllabus of e Mandal is much harder than other and Mandal.


The syllabus of the International Baccalaureate Board is not as rigorous as that of the ICSE, according to the education stream, the level of education. It is worth noting here that this Mandal pays full attention to the all round development of the children.

3. Basic Structure Of Education System


The Council named ‘Indian Certificate for Secondary Education’ organizes the examination and regulates the entire examination for the students of class 10th, the same conducts the examination for the students of the Council Class 12th called ‘Bhartiya Vidyalaya Certificate’ under this division and Let’s regulate.


The International Baccalaureate Board is expanding education through the following education stream, such as.

  • From primary education like Shishu Vihar (Kindergarten) to Class 5th.
  • Secondary education such as education from class 12th to class 10th.
  • College education, which is called diploma education under their division, consists of classes 11th and 12th.

4. On the Basis of Pros and Cons

Just as you have read the information related to the distinction between the basic facts between the two circles, similarly there are also the economical aspects and commissions of both the circles, on the basis of which we will see the difference based on the positive and some complex issues related to them and so forth.


The syllabus of ICSE Mandal is much broader than other mandalas, but the result is that students have to go through a lot of struggle in practical education, despite all these things till date they have spread all over the world. I have expanded to 3000 schools.


  • Under this division, more attention is given to English language in the education system than other mandalas, its basic advantage is that the children studying under these divisions are, compared to the children of other mandalas, in these language-related examinations. Are well able, for example, such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) etc.
  • The ICSE Board’s education certificate has been approved by many universities and schools around the world.
  • Due to the inclusion of subjects in education in a broad way, the chances of complete development of students increases.
  • Due to the easy provision by the board for the selection of subjects in education, students can choose the subject according to their interest.


  • Under this division, the education fee in the education system is higher than other mandalas.
  • Many lesser schools come under this Mandal.
  • So far, not all universities have accepted the ICSE board education system.

International Baccalaureate Board ( IB )- (Pros and Cons)

This education system has been accepted at the global level, even though an old but excellent education board has been proved so far, which have been accepted by schools and colleges in more than 180 countries.

Some basic facts show this board of education to be economical and full of some lacunae, an attempt has been made to analyze below on these issues.


  • This is a globally accepted Board of Education, which has been approved by more than 180 countries, which includes countries such as India, Australia, United States etc.
  • The education certificate given by this education board is accepted by universities of all the countries of the world.
  • The education session focuses on imparting practical and useful level education.


  • The fees for education falling under this division are high.
  • The schools which provide education under the Mandal are mostly confined to big cities.

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ICSE vs IB are both globally accepted divisions and most of the universities in the world accept the certificates given by them, some universities are currently ICSE certifications. If you invalidate, then you can choose the right board based on your accessibility, availability in your city and quality of education.

Apart from this, some other criteria are also applicable for taking admission, it is your personal responsibility to take full consideration of all these and take the right decision. In any circumstance, it is not our objective to promote in favor of these circles, from the beginning till now, it was only to make you aware of this subject.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is IB better than ICSE?

Ans: Yes, when comparing to some national Mandal, IB Mandal proves to be much better and more beneficial, than ‘ICSE’, IB is sanctioned by many countries and universities of the world. There is a board.

2. Is ICSE a global level board?

Ans: ICSE organizes and regulates examinations nationally in India, in addition to the countries which have accepted this mandate there under CICSE This division is working.

3. What is ICSE?

Ans: Under the ‘Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination’ (CICSE), the class conducting and regulating the examination of students of class 10th is ICSE.

5. How can we contact CICSE?

Ans: CICSE Office Address – Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, Pragathi House, 3rd Floor 4-7 Nehru Palace, New Delhi-110019, Telephone Number – (011) 2413720, 24111806

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