How to Make Money with YouTube – Complete Information

How to Make Money with YouTube - Complete Information

How to make money with YouTube: Due to rising unemployment in India, people are finding it difficult to get employment. But nowadays people are more interested in earning money by working online than offline jobs. Due to this reason, people find ways to earn online Money on the Internet every day. And the best way out of these is YouTube. So in today’s post, we are going to know about how to earn money from YouTube.

Do you know what YouTube is? And how to earn money from YouTube because ever since Jio company has come to India, YouTube has become very popular in the logo.

And people use YouTube to get any information or for entertainment. But do you know what? You can also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube.

What is YouTube before we know how to make money from YouTube? And learn about how YouTube works.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a Video Sharing Website or App. Which is the second largest search engine after Google. Here you can search and watch the video according to your need.

And you can upload your own video by creating it. This is an absolutely free service. YouTube is the only product of Google, the world’s number 1 IT company. Which was launched by Google in 2005.

To upload any video to YouTube, you must have a YouTube channel. Where you can manage all your videos.

How does YouTube work?

As we have already told you that YouTube is the second largest search engine. The video uploaded by YouTube will be with Quality and Good Information, so more people will watch your video.

Due to which YouTube promotes this video itself and shows more and more people. View of any channel also depends on its subscriber. The authority of that channel increases by continuously adding quality content to YouTube.

As your channel gets old, the channel will grow as well. If you make a YouTube channel, work patiently.

When do YouTube pay?

How to Make Money from Friends YouTube Posts are the best and easiest way to earn money from YouTube are Google AdSense. You can monetize your video when your 1000 Subscriber and 4000 hours watch time is completed.

After that when 10 $ in your AdSense Account are complete. So your address has to be verified, after this, when your account is 100 $ full, then on the 21st of the month, your money is sent to your bank account. And the money is received in your bank account within 5-7 days.

And it is also the first way to earn money from YouTube. Because when your subscribers are less then you have to use this method. But when your channel grows, then the doors of many ways to earn money are opened.

How to make money on YouTube

Now we will know how to earn money from YouTube. And to earn money from YouTube, you have to follow the following steps.

1. Create YouTube Channel

To make money from YouTube, first you need to create a YouTube channel. For this, choose a good and unique name of the channel.

Make the channel in the same category that you are interested in and make videos in that category not boring. Because it is a long term process. How long can it take to earn money after creating a channel. This is not a fix.

2. Upload Video

After creating a channel, you will have to upload and record a video on this channel. Must upload a video continuously or everyday on the channel.

So that both your Authority and Subscriber channels are large. Always give the correct information in your video and keep the quality of the video good.

Instead of uploading a longer video to your channel, start short video. Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing user engagement.

Ways to make money with YouTube

1. Monetize With AdSense

This is the major source of earning money from YouTube. In this, your channel has to be linked with Google AdSense. Which we call monetization.

For this, you have to complete 1000 Subscriber and 4000 hours of Watch Time in 12 months on your channel.

After monetization is enabled, you can make a good income by placing AdSense ads on your channel.

2. Sponsorship

When you are well subscriber on your channel. And your channel becomes popular. Then you start getting sponsorship from different companies.

In sponsorship, any product or service has to review in its video. And its link has to be given in Description.

Companies pay very good money for this. And according to your subscriber, the company gives this money to you.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a very good way to earn money from YouTube. For this, you have to join the Affiliate Program of any online product or service selling company.

After this, give the affiliate link from your Affiliate Program account in the Description of your YouTube video. After this, you can review this product or service in your video. And you can speak to buy.

If anyone buys a product from your link. So you will get Commission of this. And this commission will be according to that company. For this, you can also join the Affiliate Program of websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, hosting.

4. Sell Own Product

You can sell your own product on your YouTube channel. For this, you have to make a video about your product.

And put the link of the product in the description of your video. Whoever has to buy your product will buy from that link.

5. Paid promotion

Paid promotion can be of any product, app, website or channel. In this, you have to make a video connected to them. And they have to tell about them.

And their owners pay very good money for this work. And it is also a great way to earn money from YouTube.

Here we have told all those ways to earn money from YouTube. Those Youtubers use to do big income. And they do very good income sitting at their home.

Note: But keep in mind to make money from YouTube, you have to work very hard in the beginning. And it may be too late to get money from here. But when the money starts coming in, then very much will come.

Why is YouTube a good choice?

There are many platforms to earn money online, but YouTube is the best option. And YouTube has many reasons to be the best of these.

1. Easy Monetization

The process of monetization in YouTube is very easy. Taking Approval of AdSense in this is easier than the website.

You can also monetize your channel very easily through another Ad Network or Affiliate Marketing.

And currently people are giving too much time to YouTube. So they are very much used in the coming time.

2. Popularity

Today there is a lot of audience on YouTube. If you provide good content on your channel. And shows his own face in his video.

So people will slowly start recognizing you. And this will increase your popularity. In the field of online, YouTube is the only platform where you can become popular very quickly.

3. Easy and Free Platform

Video uploading is very easy by creating channels on YouTube. And even a person without technical knowledge can do it.

And by creating a YouTube channel, it gives all the services for free till the monetization of the channel. You do not have to pay for this.

4. Domain and Hosting does not cost

If you choose Blogging to earn money online instead of YouTube. So you will have to buy Domain Name and Hosting for your blog.

But to create a YouTube channel, all you need is a Gmail account. And you can also upload videos from your mobile.

Essential stuff to make money from YouTube

Knowing the material required to work on YouTube is as important as knowing how to earn money on YouTube. Have you ever thought about making money from YouTube? So a question must have come in your mind, what are the things required to earn money from YouTube.

To earn money from YouTube, you need to:

  • Mobile / laptop / computer
  • A nice internet connection and
  • Any skill

If you have the above things. So you can do a very good income sitting at your house.

How much does YouTube 1000 View pay?

If you have monetized the channel with Google AdSense and want to know how much money YouTube 1000 View pays. If you have also created your channel, then this question must have come in your mind too.

So I would like to tell you that this is not a fix. These are based on the category and keywords of your video. If you have more CPC (Cost Per Click) ads will play on your video then you will get more money.

It is mostly seen that YouTube runs high CPC ADS in the category of Technology and Digital Marketing. And in this case, you will also earn more.

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Friends, how did you like to earn money from YouTube. In this post I have told you all those methods. With which you can earn money from YouTube very easily.

If there is such a way to earn money from YouTube, which we did not tell in the post, then you must tell us by commenting. So that we can also add it in these ways.

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