How to Join Merchant Navy – Eligibility, Salary, Recruitment, University

How to Join Merchant Navy - Eligibility, Salary, Recruitment, University

How to Join Merchant Navy: If you have love for the sea and you want to measure it, then Merchant Navy – Merchant Navy is a very good option for you. Merchant Navy has good money and a brilliant career. This is the information to join.

How to Join Merchant Navy in India

What is Merchant Navy

First of all, understand that it is different from the Indian Navy. The merchant navy has to work in commercial ships. However, they are both public and private.

Merchant Navy Eligibility

In the merchant navy, you can go from class 10 to B.Tech. Different qualifications are asked for different posts. After tenth, you can do diploma in Merchant Navy, in this you can do courses like Pre-Sea Training for Personal, Engine Rating, Saloon Rating and after that you can go here.

After this, if you want to go after 12th, then for this you can do a course in Nautical Science, Marine Engineering. Apart from this, if you want to go after graduation, then you have to bring at least 50 percent marks during graduation. Apart from this, you should not be more than 28 years of age and the biggest thing is that you should be unmarried.

Merchant Navy University

There are many institutes that offer merchant navy courses. These include Samudra Institute of Maritime, Mumbai (Training Ship Chanakya), Indian Maritime University Chennai, Coimbatore Marine Center, Coimbatore Marine College, Maritime Foundation Chennai, Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training Pune.

Apart from this, there are many more institutes, but mainly they offer good courses. The merchant navy course takes place in both government and private institutions. In government colleges it costs about Rs.1.6 lakh for a year, while in private colleges, the fee is about Rs.3.2 lakh for a year.

Merchant Navy Recruitment

Not every person who goes to the merchant navy is a pilot, but there are more posts in which to work. You can join as a radio officer whose job is to send information to the employees through the radio throughout the ship.

Apart from this, on the post of electrical officer, you get work of electricity of your ship, care of electrical room etc. Apart from this, on going to the post of nautical surveyor, you have to work on the map which gives direction to the ship. Where the ship will go, it has to be controlled. On entering the post of Pilot of Ship, you have to indicate the direction of the ship and its path.

Also, as a vice-captain’s post, you have to assist the captain of the ship and take care of the staff of the deck together. The greatest is the captain who sees all the work of the ship and gives orders to all. That is, you can go to these places in the merchant navy.

Medical test for merchant navy

To get into the merchant navy, your fitness must improve. In this, the light of your eyes is good and your weight should not be too much. Apart from this, if you do not have homesickness then it is good.

Merchant Navy Salary

The Merchant Navy has different salaries for different positions. The most salary is given to the captain.

The Merchant Navy has emerged as an emerging career today. You also get adventure in this. There is a chance to go to different countries, which gives you more experience.

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