How to Join Indian Army – These are Some Tips the Indian Army wants to join!

How to Join Indian Army - These are Some Tips the Indian Army wants to join!

The dream of joining the army first comes in the minds of people who have a sense of service to the country. It used to be easy to go to the Indian Army but now it is not so. People who have worked hard for many years to get into the army are not able to go into it. If you want to join the Indian Army, then we have brought this article for you – How to Join Indian Army.

How to Join Indian Army

Army Physical Fitness Test

If you want to go to the Indian Army, then you should not have mercy with your body. You work hard and keep your body fit. Your body should be able to remain in it under any circumstances. Attach daily rushes, beams, pushups, etc., so that you can pass the physical exam in it and your dream of joining the Indian Army comes to an end.


Army medical Fitness test

The race is fine because almost people pass it, but the most important is to pass a medical test which is very difficult. It examines every part of your body. Your body is examined after removing the whole cloth. May your eyes be healthy, there should be no problem in the ears, even your hands should not sweat.

There should be a gap between your legs, the claws are right, all these are seen in the medical exam and only then you can go to the Indian Army. That is why there is no problem in the body, if you do not dream of going to the Indian Army, then you leave it.


Army written test

In earlier times, it was kept in the Indian Army only on the basis of physical and medical but now times have changed. If you want to go to the Indian Army, then you must be tenth pass. After this, when you give medical and physical exam, then you have to take a written test in which you have to pass. There are 100 questions in it.

In which there are questions related to general knowledge, math’s and science. However, all these levels are only up to tenth standard. Still many people fail. You should also study from time to time to get passed in the exam.


How to become an Indian Army Officer

After joining the Indian Army after class 10, you are admitted as a soldier, but after the 12th, you become an officer in the army by giving NDA exams. You are given a caption rank post directly. This exam is very difficult.

After 12th, you have to fill the form of NDA and give the exam for that. In this, questions of all fields are asked in Physics, Chemistry, Hindi, English, History etc. After this, a medical exam is to be given on passing and physical together. Then if you all cleared, you get joining in the officer rank.

Things to keep in mind to enter the Indian Army

To get into the Indian Army, you must first keep your body healthy. There is no disease in your body and all body parts should work in a better way. Apart from this, you should not be overweight, if you are over 60 kilos, then you are shown the way out.

If you have a passion to wear the uniform of the Indian Army, then you should also start preparing and start thinking of yourself as a soldier. It is not easy to be deployed in defense of the country.

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