How to Earn Money Online – 18 Easy Ways & Tips

How to Earn Money Online - 18 Easy Ways & Tips

Who does not want to earn money, every person needs money. That’s why people search on Google – how to earn money online, ways to earn money sitting at home, or how to earn money from the Internet.

The way to earn Money is different. For example, by doing job, own business or working online. Of these, the best way is to earn money online.


In today’s time, Internet is a very important medium for us, because it is used everywhere in us. Like in business, connecting with someone through social media, filling a government form, watching live news. And there are many things that are impossible to do without Internet.

Because in this we do not have to work under any pressure. And we can do this work from the internet sitting at our home. In this post, I have told some ways that you read, so next time you will not have to search how to earn money online.


How to Earn Money Online?

If you are thinking that the way to earn money sitting at home is very easy, then you are thinking wrong. This is neither easy nor too difficult. I am going to explain some such methods in this post. On whom if you work, then you can earn very good money sitting at home.

If someone tells you such a way to earn money sitting at home, that you can become rich overnight. You should research about it before working on it. Because you can be cheated on the Internet.


Ways to make money online from home sitting internet.

People search on the internet how to earn money online, but they cannot find the right way to earn money. Due to which they are demotivate and Negativity starts coming in their mind.

In this post, I am going to tell some ways that you can easily choose according to your Ability. You choose the same way of online money earn in which you have Interest. Because some people choose the wrong way, due to which they do not have the desire to work further and then they are not able to make income either.

1. How to earn from Freelance Websites

If you have any skill. Such as Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, video & Animation etc. So you can earn a lot of money by doing this work for others.

There are many such websites online, where you can do this work for others. In return, you will give money to websites. On these websites you start Payment with a minimum of $ 10 for your work. If you do a good job So later you can take more money for your work.

  • Fiverr.com
  • upwork.com

2. How to Make Money Online

Nowadays everyone uses android mobile. And many apps are also used in it. Like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp but do you know? There are also such apps available on the Play Store from which we can earn good money sitting at home.

With these, you can earn money by completing some tasks, making videos, refilling the app, etc.

There will be a lot of money making App on the Play Store. But not all applications provide money. For this, I am going to tell you some apps here. On which you can earn money by working at home.

  • Earn Talk Time
  • 4 Fun
  • One Ad
  • Google pay
  • True balance

3. How to make money from Facebook

Facebook is a very large Social Networking site. And nowadays everyone uses it. But do you know, you can also earn money from it. Making money from Facebook is very easy.

We can earn money from Facebook. But this money is not given to us by Facebook. For this, we have to create a Facebook page. After that you will have to add a logo key on it.

After a lot of people are added to your page, you can promote Paid for a company, channel or a product there. Or there are some websites that give money to share the link on the page, you can earn money by joining them.

4. How To Make Money Online By Domain Flipping?

Domain Flipping means buying and selling domain name. Also you can earn very good money. In this, you can buy a domain name at a lower price and sell it with more money.

But this is a bit difficult, because you cannot sell every domain for a lot of money. Therefore, you have to think that what domain name you take, what value will it have in the coming time.

Thinking that you will have to buy a domain name that can become a Company or Brand in Future. And then you can sell it with very good money. And it can be a source of very good income for you right now.

5. How to make money from blogging

If you have information in a field, and you can write about it, then this is the best way for money earn. In this, you can earn Money by writing an article on it by purchasing a domain and good hosting and creating your own blog.

If you want, you can also create your own blog on Google’s free platform Blogger.com. But in this you do not get so much facility to do SEO. You can choose from your wish.

Ways to make money from blogging

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but I am going to tell here some ways which are more used.

  • Google AdSense – When you create your own blog, after that you have to apply for AdSense after writing 15 – 20 articles on it. After getting the approval of AdSense, you can earn money by placing ads on the blog.
  • Affiliate link – By connecting Affiliate program of websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Clikbank, you can earn good money by selling their product through your blog.
  • Guest Post – When your blog becomes old. And traffic starts coming from Google. So other people come to write their post, you can take money from them.
  • By giving backlink – Backlink has an important role in ranking any new website in Google. If your website is old and your website’s DA -PA is good. So you can earn money by giving backlink to people.

But to earn money in all these ways, you have to be cautious. Because these are online fields and everyone tries to pull your leg.

6. How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

We all know the meaning of affiliate marketing. There are other companies that want to sell their product. And she offers us to work with her. In which we have to help them sell their product. We get his commission.

If you want to do affiliate marketing. So you can join by creating your affiliate account on websites like Amazon, Hosting, Flipkart, Snapdeal. On these websites you have to share the product link. If you buy a product from any link you have shared, then you will get a good commission. This is one of the best ways to earn money sitting at home.

7. How to make money with YouTube

You all know about YouTube. We watch many videos on YouTube. You know those who put videos on YouTube get paid. If you also have any skill. Such as – Singing, Technology, Health, Entertainment etc. So you too can make money by making videos and uploading on YouTube.

Ways to make money with YouTube

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube. But in this post, I am going to tell you 2 ways that Youtuber uses more.

  • Google AdSense – after creating a channel on YouTube you can earn very good money by monetizing your channel after 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscriber on your videos.
  • Sponsored Video – When you become very well subscriber, then many companies contact you to review their product. And in return it gives you a lot of money.

8. Earn money by becoming an online teacher

If you are a teacher then this method is very good for you. Today, most students prefer to study at home. That’s why they join Online Tuition Classes. There are many websites on the Internet that you can join and teach online.

  • teachaway.com
  • urbanpro.com

If you do not want to join these websites. So by creating your own channel on YouTube and uploading videos of the classes, you can also earn good money sitting at home.

9. Make Money by Writing Job

If you are a Content Writer. Or if you are fond of writing, then this is a very good way for you to earn money. There are many websites on the Internet where you can write articles for others, you will get money in exchange for it.

The more quality article you write, the more money you will get. But you cannot copy someone’s already written article. With this, these websites can also block your account.

Here you can write an article by paying for yourself. Not all websites on the Internet are perfect, so do research about it before working. I am giving some websites below, you can work on them. writer

  • I writer
  • Hire writer
  • Funds for Writers

10. How to earn money online from URL Shortner Websites?

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Because in this you do not need any skill or knowledge. All you have to do is to take a URL and shorten it with the URL Shortner Websites. After that you have to share that link.

If someone clicks on the link you have shared, then he has to wait for 5-7 seconds. Then it gets redirected to the main websites. And more than that, you get a good commission.

How much commission will you get in this? It depends on URL shortner websites. Because all websites offer different commissions. Usually, you get 3-7 $ for 1000 views. I am going to give a link to some websites which gives good money.

11. Earn money by selling e-book

If you are a writer or you have a good knowledge in a field and have written it and interested in sharing it with people. So this is a very good way of earning money for you.

You can write your e-book and sell it on websites like Amazon kindle. And if your Book people like it. And you get good rating, so you can earn very good money from it.

12. How to earn money online by selling photos?

Photography is fond of many people. But they do not know how to earn money by selling photos. So let me tell you, you can earn money by selling a professional photo and selling it.

Many websites that buy photos are on the internet, which gives a good amount of money for your photo. But your photo must be unique. Which is already present on the Internet. You cannot sell those photos.

On these websites, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home by selling photos.

  • Adobe stoke image
  • Shutter Stock

13. How to earn money by making an app

There are many applications available on Google play store. For online shopping, to order food, Games and many more apps are available. If you also know Coding. So you too can earn money by making your own Android app.

To earn money, Google Ad mob’s ads can be placed on the app. Or you can give a link to a product in your app by joining an affiliate program. From this you can earn a very good income sitting at home.

14. How to make money from Instagram

Before earning money from Instagram, you have to become an Instagram influencer, meaning your Instagram account will have to be famous. Well, you will have to make enough followers.

Followers You can enlarge by putting a good content on Instagram, such as – Comedy Video, photos or by sharing any knowledge. Then comes the matter of earning money. You can read the post on how to make money from our Instagram to know more in detail.

Ways to make money from Instagram

  • Sponsor Post – In this, you can sponsor the product of a brand or Company with its image. In return, company gives a good amount of money.
  • Affiliate Marketing– By joining an affiliate program, writing a review of the product. You can give a link to it, so if you buy a product from the link, you will get a commission for it.
  • By selling an account – if you have good followers and user engagement on your Instagram account, you can earn a lot of money by selling that account.

If you want to grow in Instagram, then you are giving a link to some course, you can buy it and you will be able to earn a good income.

15. How to make money online from Trading?

Trading is a very popular online business nowadays. But to start it, you have to do some investment first. But if you have knowledge in this, then you can earn times from your investment. But for this you have to learn first.

To make a career in trading, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge about it. And as long as possible, start it with less investment in start.

16. How to make money with WhatsApp

Nowadays everyone knows about WhatsApp, but do you know how to earn money from WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, we can earn money by sharing affiliate marketing, URL short link.

With this WhatsApp does not give us money. But we can earn commission from Affiliate product and URL shortner from them.

17. How to earn money online by Captcha Solve?

This is a way to earn money online, in which you do not need any skill. You don’t have to do anything in it. In the first image, there is Captcha, it has to be filled in the empty space below. Captcha can also be a small question (+ or -) related to a number or Math’s.

All website gives different payment. Filling around 1000 captcha gives up to 3 $ -4 $. If your typing speed is good, then you can easily earn 500 to 700 rupees a day from it.

Is it easy to earn money online?

There is absolutely no answer to this. And it is not so difficult either. Because there are no such methods online. With which you started work today and make you rich tomorrow. One has to learn it first. And have to do it later.

And if you work properly then you will start making money. Above are some ways in which you will start getting money late, but when you start coming, then you will come very much. If you are honest, then pay attention to your work first. If the work is right then money will be started like this.

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I hope that the answer to your question how to earn money online has been found. And by using these methods, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home.

If you want to earn money from Internet, then you have to work hard. Because it takes some time to earn money from internet. But when your income will start coming. Then you will become more active towards your work and you will also desire to work.

If you like the post, then definitely share it with your friends. With this, they can also know how to earn money online.

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