How To Do PH.D – What Is the Full Form of PH.D

How To Do PH.D – What is the Full Form of PH.D

Friends, in this Career of today, we have brought full information about PHD, like what PHD is, full form, full information of How to do Ph.D. Nowadays, everyone gets serious about their career as soon as they pass 12th, and starts preparing for their future.

After passing the 12th, the youth of today prefer to do graduation more and start preparing for Government Job. In the meantime, if someone completes graduation, then one gets engaged in the preparation of master degree. There are very few youngsters who prepare for PHD.

Because many people do not have much knowledge about PHD. So in today’s article, I am going to give you full information of what is PHD, what is PHD full form and how does PHD.

What is the Full Form of PH.D?

The full form of PhD is “Doctor of Philosophy” which is an abbreviation of Latin word. Which has the Hindi meaning “title of Vidyavachaspati”. Here in PHD, a word has come from Doctor who is related to expert and not doctor.

After completing this course, you can put a doctor in front of your name. So friends, this was PHD Full form. Now let’s know how to do PhD and what are the benefits of doing PhD?

It is an academic or professional degree that, in most countries, qualifies the degree holder to teach their chosen subject at the university level or to work in a particular position in their chosen field.

What is PH.D

PhD is a very large educational degree in the degrees offered in the field of education in India. This is a higher educational degree course, and very few people can get this degree. It is such a high academic degree course that its recognition is very much in the world.

Let us know what is PH.D?

Ph.D. is a globally recognized postgraduate academic degree. Which is offered to a candidate by universities and higher education institutions, who have submitted a thesis or dissertation based on extensive and original research in their chosen field.

The specificity of a PhD degree depends on where you are and what subject you are studying. Ph.D. qualifications are available in all subjects and can be done in any one subject which can generally be the highest level of academic degree a person can get.

How to do PH.D?

As already mentioned, this is a high level course, so if you want to specialize in a particular subject, then you have to prepare for PhD seriously. Doing PhD is not as easy as PHD is full form. If you really want to get qualification in any subject then do PhD only. Before that we had to know PhD full form, so let’s have a look how to do PhD.

Qualification for PH.D Admission

Students who intend to do PhD from India should meet the required eligibility criteria. Detailed eligibility criteria for doing PhD from India are listed below:

  • In order to do PhD, you must have a master’s degree with graduation.
  • Your marks should be at least 55% in post graduation.
  • To take admission in PhD, one has to pass the NET exam conducted by UGC.
  • After passing the NET exam, you have to pass the entrance exam of the college in which you have to take admission, only then you will get admission in PhD.
  • However some institutes allow students to progress directly from their bachelor’s degree to PhD.
  • Some institutions also offer the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ or ‘fast-track’ your master’s degree for your PhD, provided you are deemed to possess the necessary grades, knowledge, skills and research abilities.


It is very important to have some necessary documents to do PhD course. Without these documents you will not get admission in PhD. The list of required documents of PHD full form is as follows.

  • Intermediate certificate will be required. This is the proof of completing your intermediate.
  • Graduation certificate will be required. You have to put a photo copy of it in college.
  • Aadhar Card: Aadhar card is required for identification. You cannot get admission in any educational institution without an Aadhaar card.

Photo copy of Post Graduation certificate will also be installed. You will not get admission in the institute without a Masters degree.

Course Time:

As per the rule, the minimum period to complete your PhD in India is 3 years from the date of your admission, provided that you complete all the requirements and formalities of PhD degree in this term, and your research work is sufficient and awarded PhD be appropriate

The most likely period to obtain a PhD in India under normal circumstances is 4.5 years. Also, in some very reputed institutes like IITs and IISc, it takes between 5 and 6 years or can be more than 6 years in some situations.


The fees involved for doing PhD course depends on the college. While fees in some private colleges can range from 50 thousand to 5 lakh rupees, while the fees of PhD in government college are less, in addition to special circumstances you get government assistance to complete research.

PhD Subjects:

There are many subjects to do PhD. You can do PhD in any of these subjects. The table below lists the names of various subjects.

Education Police Administration Psychology
Biotechnology Urdu Biotechnology
Public Administration Renewable Energy Physics
Electronics Physical Education Political Science
Total Quality Management Population Studies Pomology
Sociology Rural Development Sustainable Development
Women Studies Zoology Yoga
Social Work Technology Policy Statistics
Pollution Control Spirituality Geriatric Care
Agriculture Geology Botany
Sports Science Electronics History
Home Science Geography Medicinal Plants
Sanskrit Hindi Labour and Social Welfare
Indian Diaspora Insurance Management Mass Communication
Intellectual Property Rights Mathematics International Studies
Management Studies Linguistics Hospitality Management
Entrepreneurship Library Science Law
Microbiology Nanotechnology Music
Peace Studies Nursing Human Rights
English Literature Hospital Administration Ecotourism
Biochemistry Horticulture Engineering
Environment Science Cosmetology Bioinformatics
Economics Commerce Disaster Management
Chemistry Fashion Technology Fine Arts

Job prospects after Ph.D.

In today’s world, there are immense possibilities for candidates after completing PhD. Gone are the days when the scope of PhD was limited to academia. After completing PhD, one should track their potential and apply for jobs based on their precise skills and expertise. Following are some career options that candidates can choose after doing PhD.

There are a lot of employment opportunities after doing PhD degree. PhD degree holders are most in demand. Gone are the days when the scope of PhD was limited to universities, colleges and educational institutions. After completing PhD, you should apply for jobs based on your ability, your exact skills and expertise. Following are some career options that candidates can choose after doing PhD.

  • Researcher
  • Senior research scientist
  • Scientist
  • Lecturer & Professor
  • Journalist
  • Editor & Critic
  • Human Services Worker
  • Independent Consultant
  • Industrial R&D Lab professionals

PhD Entrance Exams in India for admission to Ph.D.

PhD entrance examinations conducted in India may vary university-wise. Below mentioned are the names of the top PhD entrance examinations in India, which are required for the candidates to do PhD from some colleges / universities in India.

Symbiosis PhD Entrance Exam BITS Pilani PhD Entrance Examination
UGC NET Exam AIIMS PhD Entrance Exam
AIMA PhD Entrance Exam Osmania University PhD Entrance Exam
NIPER PhD Entrance Exam IISC PhD Entrance Exam
JNU PhD Entrance Exam GITAM University Vishakhapatnam PhD Admissions Test
Kurukshetra University PhD Entrance Exam PhD Entrance Exam of NMIMS University Mumbai
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi PhD Admission Test Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi – PhD Admission Test
Jamia Hamdard New Delhi PhD Admission Test CSIR-UGC NET Exam
NDRI PhD Entrance Exam BARC PhD Admission Test
Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly PhD Admission Test ISM Dhanbad PhD Admission Test
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow – PhD Admissions Test University of Hyderabad PhD Entrance Exam
TIFR Graduate School Admission Entrance Test NIMHANS PG / PG Diploma / Superspeciality PhD online entrance test
DBT JRF Biotech Entrance Test GTU PhD Entrance Exam

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