How to Become an Animator – Career in the Cartoon Industry

How to Become an Animator - Career in the Cartoon Industry

How to Become an Animator: Cartoons are that part of entertainment in which imaginations are shown to people with the help of a movie. Due to the modern era, most people today want to make their future in this cartoon industry. Because making cartoons is a task in which creativity is greatly contributed and the person is able to strengthen himself financially as well.

Creating cartoons requires a team of many skilled people. With whose help a successful cartoon is produced. The process of making cartoons is accomplished with the help of animation. Let us know who can make their career in the cartoon industry.


How to Become an Animator – Career in the Cartoon Industry


A person who is able to play with his voice can also earn millions by contributing to the cartoon industry. These people are needed when a cartoon needs to be given a voice.

Whatever movie is played on the screen, this person does the work of converting it into entertaining dialogue. A mimicry mimics multiple voices at a time and Entertainment in cartoons.



The most important part for making cartoons is animation, the person who does the work of animation is called an animator or cartoonist. The main job of this person is to decorate many sketches in a proper.

This person exhibits his art by keeping things like environment, background, etc. related to the story of the cartoon. An animator must have an excellent understanding of creativity as well as technical knowledge. It would not be wrong to say that in the cartoon industry, an animator acts as a backbone.


The person does not need any special education for animation. The course of animation can also be done after completing class 10 outside any institute.

Script Writer

Just as a story is written before shooting in films or films and actors are selected accordingly. Similarly in the cartoon industry, a script writer is required before making cartoons. But in the cartoon industry, the person who takes the position of a script writer is in complete contrast to the script writer of films and films because the script that a person has to write for a cartoon is based on imagination.

It is important to keep in mind the target group during the script writing work because most of the cartoons are seen by the children only. A person who is able to write scripts suited to cartoons can also make a successful career in the cartoon industry.

Audio and Video Editor

These two individuals have a special role in a cartoon industry. The job of an audio editor is to eliminate all errors in editing a voice-related work while making a cartoon serial, as well as to make the story of the cartoon listenable by editing in the dialogues of the cartoons, background music, etc.

On the other hand, video editor also has special needs in this industry. The main job of this person is to give color to the movies played in the cartoons and to make them viewable according to the audience.

Both these editors can make a career in the cartoon industry only if they have a good understanding of modern software because their work is done very closely and that is possible only when the person is skilled in editing.

Cartoon Artist Jobs

Cartoonists are able to work in many private companies and are in high demand. A cartoonist can work in any animation studio, film and video studio, cartoon related network, online and offline gaming industry, publishing companies etc. In the modern era, there is a need for cartoonists in electronic media as well as print media.

By creating a team of a few people, you can also open your own YouTube channel, in which you can show people by creating your own cartoons.

What is a Cartoonist Salary (Animator Salary)

Along with the name and fame, a person can earn millions in this field. After getting education from an institution, the initial animator can do a job of 20 to 25 thousand and an experienced animator can earn from 35 to 50 thousand as well as a skilled animator can earn from 60 thousand to 1.3 lakh.

This work can also be done as a freelancer by which a person can earn a good income.

Animation University

Today the work of animation is at the height of the world, in this link, there are many popular institutes in India today that offer students courses related to animation and help them to be able to show their creation to the world. And be able to get employment through animation.

Most of these institutions are present in large cities of India. There are following institutes in India which offer animation courses.

The institute, called Arena Multimedia, is located in Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai, while the other institutes are located in the Global School of Animation in New Delhi and Chennai. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic Institute is in Mumbai.

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