How to Become a Writer in India – 10 Best Tips

How to Become a Writer in India – 10 Best Tips

How to Become a Writer in India: Looking at the way the youth are taking interest in literature in today’s time, it can be said that once again the good days of literature have come. Many young people are leaving the jobs of big companies and are taking up the profession of writing and are taking the path of writing a book. It is not easy to write a book and become an author because you have to prepare yourself for it. If you also want to become a big writer – How to become a Writer, then you have to keep these things in mind.

How to Become a Writer in India – 10 Best Tips

Choose what to write

You must first choose what you want to write. Like you will write a story, write a biography, novel or a poet or satire. You have to choose this and only then you can write the book. The first step to writing a book is to decide what you want to write and after that you have to move forward. If you have decided then only then you move to the next step.

Learn to read

You have to read books before writing a book. People make the same mistake that they start writing a book without reading it and if they do not get success, then they curse the profession when they should not do so. Before you write a book, read a lot of books and understand how the words are decorated in it. For this, you read the God of crimes, stories of Munshi Premchand etc. because the word style is better decorated in it. Without reading better articles, you cannot become a writer.

Perfect Marketing

In today’s world, there is nothing better than marketing and if you want to sell, then marketing will have to be perfect. You should promote your book in social media, news, newspaper so that it can reach the public. Apart from this, you go to different book fairs, go to Kavi Sammelan, go among the youth, go to colleges and promote the book through events there, and this will make the marketing of your book good and you will get the title of a better writer Will begin.

Learn to live things

You may have heard this for the first time because before that we have been listening to learn to feel things but if you want to become a writer, then you have to learn to live them. It means that you are poignant and in the event of an event, you place yourself in it and start living that event and it gives you some better things and you can give the form of a story, poem or novel.

Feedback required

The biggest thing about a writer is that he takes feedback from his readers. If you have given a book to someone or if you are promoting it somewhere, then you must ask them to give you feedback. If good feedback is coming about the book then you are satisfied and if poor feedback is coming then you get a chance to improve the writing.

To write a book you have to be serious. You sit among people, meet them, talk and you will get a story somewhere. After reading something that readers began to feel instead of the character of that book.

Something new

In today’s time, many youngsters are writing books, but there is only a few in the list of bestsellers, and to get into this list, you must first see what new you can do now. Whichever genre you choose, try to bring some newness in it and make every effort to make it interesting and only then you can get success. Because the books are very high in the market and there are very few people who read it, and people will read your book only when you put some better things in it.

To crush

The biggest mistake that happens during writing a book is that you must come to cover the book, that is, it is necessary to understand what to write and how to end. Many people start writing a book, but they do not understand how to finish it and how to merge it. That is why you have created this role beforehand and after that you have entered the field of book writing.

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