How to Become a Pilot in India – How to Become a Commercial pilot in India

How to Become a Pilot in India - How to Become a Commercial pilot in India

How to Become a Pilot in India: Everyone dreams of seeing an Aeroplan flying in the sky, that Lenin to become a pilot is not so easy. For this you need to work hard. To become a pilot you have to sharpen your mind and eyes. Many students are defeated in one thing and are not able to become pilots. If you want to become a pilot, then this is the process.

How to Become a Pilot in India

Apply for license

When you dream of becoming a pilot after passing 12th, then you must have (SPL) Student Pilot License. You get this by enrolling in colleges coming under the (DGCA) Directorate General of Cybill Aviation. For this, you have to give an entrance exam and after that you get this license. The qualifications are the same pilot course.

First attempt for PPL

Direct is not given to you to operate an airplane. Before this, you have to have a private pilot license. For this, you have to give an exam and after clearing it, you can take this license. It takes place under the name of PPL. That is, after taking a student pilot license, you must have a private pilot license. This is the second most important step that you will have to go through.

It must be merit

To become a pilot, you have to pass 12th with at least 50 percent marks and you should have subject physics, chemistry and math’s. You are a citizen of India and your length must be at least five fit. Apart from this, your eyes should be sharp your eye vision should be good. Along with this, your grip in English should be very good.

how to become a commercial pilot in India

When you obtain a Student Pilot License (SPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL), you need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). For this also you have to give an exam. Only after this exam is cleared, you are ready to fly the plane completely. That is, you become a commercial pilot, which is everyone’s dream.

Go to these colleges

You can go to many institutes to become a pilot. There are a few institutes in India that offer courses to become pilots. For this you can enroll at Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore, Blue Diamond Aviation, Pune, Acumen School of Pilot Training, Delhi, International School of Aviation, ISA, New Delhi, and Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai.

How much does it cost

It also takes a lot of money to become a pilot. By the way, after getting scholarship many times, they do this course cheaply but usually you have 20 lakh rupees in it; They are on fire. You have to pay this money to fly the plane. When you apply for a license, you also have to pay money to fly the plane and this is why it becomes expensive.

Take care of these things

If you want to become a pilot, then you should keep your body fit from the beginning. Your eyes should be strong. Along with this, there should be a balance in every part of your body, which makes you different. There is no serious illness in your body and you are also mentally healthy.

After becoming a pilot, you also earn good money. That is why if you have passion and you want to become a pilot, then invest in it once and do not panic because you are going to succeed.

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