How to Apply Eyeliner And Which is the Best Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner And Which is the Best Eyeliner

If we talk about eye makeup, then the most important role in it is that of eyeliner. Because it helps in giving perfect and desired shape to your eyes. Eyeliner not only gives a beautiful look to the eyes but also gives confidence to the wearer. Kajal and eyeliner are two such makeup products, after applying which the eyes start to look beautiful. Even if you have not done complete eye makeup (makeup tips for eyes) including eye shadow and mascara, then only Kajal or eyeliner makes the eyes look beautiful. From the college going girl to the women going ready for wedding functions, eyeliner is very much liked. But if you are also new to applying eyeliner, then this question must have come in your mind that how to apply eyeliner (eyeliner kaise lagate hain). So let us tell you this is not a rocket science. The method of applying eyeliner (eyeliner lagane ka tarika) is very easy. Here we will tell you from which is the best eyeliner to the easiest way to apply eyeliner and everything related to it, with the help of which you can apply perfect eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

In today’s time, there is no count of makeup products in the market. Many variants of a makeup product are available to be seen. Eyeliner is also one of them. There are generally 3 types of eyeliner. But there is a lot of difference between these three. Now it depends on you that what kind of eyeliner (which eyeliner is best) you want to try your hands on for your beautiful eyes. Or what kind of eyeliner you always like to wear. Know here about the types of Eyeliner and that too in detail.


Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is especially for beginners, that is, for those girls who have just started applying eyeliner. It looks like a kajal or an eyebrow pencil. It is very easy to apply. The special thing is that the pencil does not spread on applying the eyeliner. You can easily apply it on the eyes according to your wish. To get the smokey eye look, pencil eyeliner is mostly used (eyeliner lagane ka tarika).

How to Apply Eyeliner And Which is the Best Eyeliner


Pencil Eyeliner Kaise Lagaye | How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner

1- Before applying pencil eyeliner, make sure to apply foundation on the eyes. This pencil helps in keeping the eyeliner on the eyes for a long time.

2- Since it is a pencil eyeliner, no brush is required to apply it.


3- First of all pull the outer corner of your eyes with the help of fingers. This helps in applying pencil eyeliner (which eyeliner is best).

4- Now make a thin line by running the pencil from the inner corners of the eyes and bring it towards the outside. If you want to apply the liner a little thicker, then repeat the line above it.

5- Apart from this, if you want to apply cat eyeliner, you can also shape it with a pencil.

6- The special thing is that you can apply pencil eyeliner on the lower eyelid as well.

Liquid Eyeliner

Usually girls and women prefer to apply liquid eyeliner. Actually, liquid eyeliner is easily applied on the eyes. It doesn’t even have to be rubbed on the eyes like a pencil eyeliner. If your practice is good, then with liquid eyeliner, you can easily make many types of eyeliner styles (double winged eyeliner) on the eyes. It is true that liquid eyeliner takes some time to dry. During this, special care has to be taken so that it does not spread and spoil the rest of the makeup.

How to Apply Eyeliner And Which is the Best Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner Kaise Lagate Hain | How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

1- The brush that comes with it is used to apply liquid eyeliner.

2- Shake the bottle well before applying the eyeliner. So that the liquid sitting below also gets mixed with the rest of the eyeliner.

3- Now take out its brush from the bottle and take as much eyeliner as needed. Wipe off the excess eyeliner on the inside of the bottle.

4- Your hands may tremble or shake slightly before applying it. Therefore, if you do not have a very good practice, then you can also keep a stool or pillow under it to give support to the hands.

5- Now with steady hands take the brush of the eyeliner near the eyes and make a straight line above the lashes according to the eye shape from the inner part of the eye towards the outside.

6- If there is a problem in making the whole line at once, then you can apply it by making small lines.

7- Keep in mind that while doing this, do not move your eyes and eyelids too much, otherwise your liner may get applied on the cheeks along with the eye lids.

8- Now close your eyes and let the eyeliner dry properly. Only after that open your eyes. It may take 1 or 2 minutes for the eyeliner to dry. It is better not to open your eyes during this time.

9- Now open your eyes and check the eyeliner by looking in the mirror. Then repeat the method of applying the same eyeliner on the other eye.

10- After applying the eyeliner on both the eyes, check whether it is applied equally or not. If you think it is not equal, then correct it and make it equal.

Gel Eyeliner

Most people use gel eyeliner professionally. That is, people who are in the makeup field or who are makeup artists by profession, mostly use gel eyeliner. A separate brush is required to apply it. It may be a little scary to use it in the initial stages, but once your hand is frozen in it, you will like to apply gel eyeliner again and again.

How to Apply Eyeliner And Which is the Best Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner Kaise Lagaye | How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

1- The gel eyeliner comes in a small box. However, no brush comes with it, so you will need a separate brush to apply the gel eyeliner.

2- Use a fine brush to apply it.

3- While applying eyeliner with this type of brush, the angle of your hand should be such that the eye lids are visible in the mirror.

4- Take the eyeliner in the brush and with great care start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eyes.

5- Now make a basic line by making small dots.

6- If you want to give any style, then you can also make it with the help of brush. If you are a beginner, then in our opinion, you should avoid styling for now so that the look does not get spoiled.

7- If you want to make the eyes look bigger, then apply eyeliner on the corners of the eyes for this.

Eyeliner Lagane Ke Tips | Tips for Applying Eyeliner

If you are expert in applying eyeliner then you might not need any tip. But if you are a beginner in this matter, that is, you have just started applying eyeliner, then some of the tips given here will definitely help you. Along with this, here we will also tell you the easiest way to apply eyeliner (eyeliner lagane ka tarika), which is going to be very useful for you.

1- If you compare all three types of eyeliner, then liquid eyeliner will be best for you (which eyeliner is best). It is easy to apply and wipe up in case of spills.

2- Always look down while applying the eyeliner, this will make the eyeliner easier to apply. Apart from this, keep the eye on which you are not applying eyeliner open. This will make it easier for you to see.

3- Use a stool or pillow under the elbow so that the hand does not tremble while applying the eyeliner. This will keep your hand steady and won’t shake while applying the eyeliner.

4- If trying to apply winged eyeliner, do not pull the outer corners of the eyes. This will make it difficult to apply double winged eyeliner.

5- Try to apply eyeliner by going closer to the mirror and keep enough light in the room. Due to this, while applying the eyeliner, it will not be missed anywhere and the shape will also be equal.

Eyeliner Questions People Have and Our Answers – FAQ’s

Q1. Tips for applying winged eyeliner?

If you want to apply perfect winged eyeliner, then keep in mind that apply it on the outer edge of the eyes. With the edge of the tape, you have to make a line which will be the base of your winged eyeliner on hooded eyes.

Q2. Which is the best eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is considered the best. Because with its help you can give high coverage to your eyes by seeing the desired shape.

Q3. When to apply colored eyeliner?

You can use colorful eyeliner when you have done nude makeup and are wearing the same color dress.

Q4. How to apply eyeliner on big eyes?

While applying eyeliner on big eyes, do not apply it too much on the outside. This will make your eyes look bigger.

Q5. How to apply eyeliner on small eyes?

Apply winged eyeliner to small eyes. This will make the eyes look bigger than before.

Which Brush is Used to Apply Eyeliner?

The brush comes separately for applying the eyeliner. Try to apply eyeliner with a thin brush.

We hope that the information related to the method of applying eyeliner, types of eyeliner (types of eyeliner wings), which eyeliner is best and tips for applying eyeliner etc. Will prove useful for you.

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